"After making the crossing, they came ashore at Gennesaret...
the crowds scurried to bring the sick...
to the place where they heard he was." - Mark 6:53

What Gennesaret Offers:

  • A respite from the daily coping with serious illness
  • A staff of Medical Personnel
  • Spiritual Directors
  • A caring team of helpers to assist retreatants
  • A retreat setting that allows time for rest and quiet
  • A focus on God's love, forgiveness and faithfulness

This retreat is an effort to bring people from their everyday place of struggle with illness, chores, bills, etc. to a place of beauty, peace, music and laughter. A place where they can take "time out" for God and hear of His Presence with them on their journey. They go back to their home or care facility, often with a renewed sense of God’s faithfulness to share with those around them.

There is no cost to you for the retreat. Expenses are paid through the generosity of individuals, parishes and church communities who value retreat experiences.

When: October 18,19,20 2019
Where:  Archdiocesan Retreat Center, Kearny, NJ

For Further Details:
Hilare Reinold 732-566-7237
Linda Capabianco 732-928-2989
Peggy Walsh 908-654-5575

Mailing Address:  Gennesaret, 11 Anton Place, Aberdeen, NJ 07747

When Jesus turned around and noticed them following
Him, they asked them, "What are you looking for?"
They said to Him, "Rabbi, where do you stay?"
"Come and see," he answered.
So they went to see where he was lodged and stayed with Him that day. - John 1:38