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At School of Leaders last Friday evening, Pat Ivanko shared a reflection on how God gifts us with others as we travel together. Several examples of the way in which God paired people up was given and two things stood out for me. One was the mention (I think if was in reference to Moses) of them “checking their maps” and the other was hearing about how sharing the journey benefits all of us. After grouping and fellowship, Deacon Tony gave a talk on “what does God want from me?” and how the 3 Glances of Christ showed the ways in which the 3 people were given the chance to find out the answer that question. Some were able to do it, others could not. What do we need to discern the answer to Deacon Tony's question “what does God want from me?” We need to be open to Him when He glances at us. Mike Ivanko used the Ideals talk to illustrate how we can see in the lives of others that aiming toward our ideal keeps us on the right track. He gave a beautiful, touching witness to bring home t