Mary Weis asks that ALL APPLICATIONS must be in
by Saturday, September 29 in order to make a decision
for a Cursillo weekend.
Thank you and please pray for potential candidates.

Thursday, September 20, 2018


The September 20, 2018 edition of the Trenton Monitor includes an article titled "Cursillo members enjoy evening of prayer, renewal, fellowship."

The article, written by 
Rose O'Connor opens:

"The Cursillo community in the Diocese of Trenton gathered Sept. 7 in St. Raphael-Holy Angels Church, Hamilton, where they prayed and supported each other on their journeys of faith."

You can read the entire article at this link. Thank you to Rose and the Trenton Monitor for this article.

Thursday, September 13, 2018


Deacon Joe Moore of the Trenton Monitor staff
took 29 wonderful pictures
of Friday's Diocesan Mass
at St. Raphael/Holy Angels Church.
You can see the pictures at this link.


Monday, September 10, 2018


Oh, what a night! The Diocesan Mass on Friday, September 7, was such a joyous, heartwarming and emotional event. The community was blessed by having three, yes, three priests con-celebrate: Father Ed Blanchett, pastor Visitation, Brick, Father Jay Bowden and Father Jerome Guld from Saint Joseph's in Toms River. Many cursillistas came out and brought their friends, curious to know what Cursillo is about. 

Father Ed's humble and relevant talk on recent events had most of us teary-eyed. It also gave us hope and inspiration to continue in our faith and love of the Church. 

This was followed by the installation of our new Post Cursillo Section Head, Terri D'Andrea. Adelaide Sangiorgi had already extended her term on Secretariat as the Post Cursillo Head and Terri was gracious enough to say yes to replacing Adelaide. We want to thank Adelaide for her devotion, hard work and untiring efforts working with the Ultreya Heads and Secretariat. Adelaide will be missed. We also want to welcome Terri to the new position and extend our prayers and best wishes as she takes on this new role.  

To complete our dedication to Trenton Cursillo, the entire Secretariat team renewed their commitment to the community for another year.   

It didn't end there. Robert Lauricella gave a beautiful witness to why we are all here (at Cursillo), knowing we have all been touched by this personal experience as he has been and admits that he continues to be affected by Cursillo every day.

Putting us over the top was Marie Garrett who had found a touching, beautiful writing about our priests. The priests were asked to look at their hands and never forget that those hands were consecrated to Christ and able to transform ordinary bread and wine into His Body and Blood. The Church and its followers are depending upon our priests to carry out God's work on earth: "Do this in remembrance of Me". How else would we attain salvation without our priests who are so precious to us?   

It was so apparent that the congregation was on fire from the Holy Spirit, fellowship afterwards was a chorus of voices making friends, being friends and bringing friends to Christ. De Colores!

Monday, August 27, 2018


Hello Region 2 Cursillistas!

I pray that your summer has been going well – I know mine has gone too fast!  I was so glad to see so many familiar faces at the 28th National Encounter last week in Seattle!  It certainly was a spirit filled group of people all gathering together in the name of the Lord.

I am sending you this email to invite you to the Region 2 Fall Encounter scheduled for October 19-21, 2018 in Vineland, NJ.  All Cursillistas in Region 2 – in all Dioceses in their respective language groups – are invited.  So please spread the word!

What is a Region 2 Encounter?  This is a joyful event in which leaders from the Cursillo movements in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and Washington, DC gather together for a weekend of food, fellowship, learning, sharing, prayer, Mass, rosary, and mutual support in friendship towards our common endeavor of bringing our friends to Christ in our own dioceses. Cef Aguillon, National English Coordinator, will be presenting rollos at this encounter! Won’t you please join us?

The website ( will be updated shortly with an agenda.  Please sign up today!

29th National Encounter in Scranton, PA 

We are pleased to announce that our Region will be hosting the 29th National Encounter in Scranton, PA.  We will need lots of volunteers from our Region!  We also have a date and location for our Spring Encounter.  SO PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS SO YOU DON’T MISS OUT!

“Many hands make light work” and a successful National Encounter is the result of the service of many talented and committed people.  It is never too early to start looking for volunteers to assist us next summer.  Here are the list of the committees we are forming:

·       Registration
·       Hospitality
·       Transportation
·       Liturgy
·       Music
·       Photography/Videography
·       Equipment
·       D├ęcor
·       Ultreya
·       Fiesta
·       Book Store
·       Support

Please review the list above and shoot me an email back if you would be interested in being on any of the committees.  THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR HELP!

I look forward to seeing you at the Region 2 Fall Encounter in October!


Sue Wenzlick
Region 2 English Coordinator

Sunday, July 22, 2018


The Diocesan Mass for September 7th
will be held at St. Raphael's & Holy Angels Church
3500 South Broad Street, 
Hamilton NJ, 08610
at 8 PM

Hope to see everyone there. Please bring your respective candidates to the Mass.

Please let those know who do not have e-mail or computer access know. Car pool for those who may not have transportation.

You're their Friend, Be that Friend and bring your Friend to Christ!!

DeColores, Kathy Tucker

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


School Of Leader was a cacophony of bells and laughter for the Bible Jeopardy was in full swing!!  It was the event we have all been waiting for: "BIBLE Jeopardy" This happening left us with more questions than answers in the style of true jeopardy!

The Master of Ceremony "The Greatest Kathy Tucker" was tongued tied at times leaving premature bell ringing, only to disqualify some ring ins.  

Thanks to all the teams that participated:

+ The Holy (aka Holly) Bell Ringers
+ Mary's Girls and Boy
+ Old and New
+ Quasimodo Bell Ringers

Can the Deacon's team defeat the Priest's team?
Can the Laity boast of defeating both the Priest's and the Deacon's team?
Can cowbells serve as true substitutes for split second buzzers?

After the dust cleared and in a bitterly contested round-- No-- seemed to be the answer to all these questions and after painstakingly reviewing the video tape, the judges decided that the final jeopardy answer was, indeed, ambiguous and the Deacon's team would live to play another day!  Lord Willing. 

Please consult your program schedules for where and when this rematch is scheduled; until that time.

Congratulations to the Winners! The Final Bible Jeopardy Winner was Mary's Girls and Boy: Janet Moscuzza, Mary Ann Dowd, Father Ed, Nereida Kringdon.

DeColores! Kathy

p.s. Please prepare by studying your bible intently with hands on cowbells
p.p.s. David our judge has resigned from his job due to the fact that the community is no longer speaking to him so we are looking for a new judge.  Applications are now being accepted.

Come and enjoy "Movie Day" at SOL on August 11, 2018 
right after the 9 AM Mass.

Sunday, June 24, 2018


This weekend we celebrate the solemnity of Saint John the Baptist. There are only three birthdays celebrated by the church in the liturgical calendar: John the Baptist, (June the 24th) (Mary Sept. 8th) and (Jesus Dec. 25th). These integral to the plan of salvation were each born without original sin. It is for that reason that we celebrate there births as liturgical solemnities. Saint John the Baptist is so important to the life of the church that, as with this weekend, it supersedes the Sunday of ordinary time.

In my humble opinion (he is 2nd) only to Mary the Mother of God. The most powerful prophet of the New Testament, john follows the footsteps of Elijah, & Elisha. Elisha asked & received a double portion of the holy–spirit. 

John was filled with the Holy Spirit for God knew him before he was born. It was god who named him John & God who delivered him to precede Jesus. God has given our families the gift of the Baptism by water and fire. Dad’s lead there children to the Baptism of fire through living out there own baptismal promises. To be priest, prophet, and king in family life. 

In fact we have become well over two billion Catholics and the millions more of Christians baptized in faith.

God has delivered us John the Baptist to make ready the world’s children to find redemption at the feet of Jesus.

We the people of God are the Josephs and Mary’s that lead our families on the road of eternal life. 

I find it necessary to talk about life, the life given to us from conception to natural death. A journey of being human (human being that is) a life of marriage, (Catholic marriage) between man and woman to be fruitful and multiply.

The sixty-eight million Catholics in the United States and the other Christian churches that still believe in the sanctity of marriage must stay the course and fight for married life. There are many who think it is okay for two men or two women to be married before god on holy-ground but it is not!

We all have stories about our own sin the sin that has a hold on us that sin that we do daily battle with. That sin that Jesus says go and sin no more, no matter if that be addiction to drugs or alcohol or homosexuality the Lord wants us to give it up one day at a time. And so we do battle between the goodness of god and the evil of Satan.

It is through our baptism that we achieve this; it is God's grace that we should overcome sin to be eternally happy in heaven forever. It is through Jesus Christ that he forgives us again and again until we get it right. The sacraments of his church are to be used for God’s plan of salvation. John the Baptist leads us to the savior that we become less that that god become more. To be perfect as the heavenly father is perfect. The church is perfect when it leads us in truth. We become perfect through the sacraments and only in the sacraments is perfection achieved in the father. 

The father has given us these seven to attain heaven and he has given us these tools to evangelize our families and our neighbors in his kingdom. If you want to be happy for the rest of your life sing his praise to the glory of god and surrender daily to love. And who is love? It is the Lord and Peter that was lightly clad put on his garment and swam to shore. It is the Lord. Let us cloth our nakedness in love. 

If we want to be happy for the rest of our lives!

Follow truth!   

Peace be with you
Deacon John Clymore

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


As many of you may already know, we have reserved San Alfonso Retreat House December 6-9 2018 for our next weekend. With the submission of a few applications, the decision to have a men's or a women's weekend or a weekend at all, is currently under consideration.

It is only through our prayers and palanca that any Cursillo is possible. As Cursillista Catholics we know that we must work hard for anything that is beneficial to our souls and the welfare of others.

I am asking the Trenton Cursillo community to say one decade of the rosary every day. Just one decade. Every day. We must ask the Holy Spirit to bring the candidates to us, and that we have the courage to bring these candidates to Christ. Ask God through the Blessed Mother to give desire and strength to you as a potential sponsor, and to the potential candidate, to want to make a weekend.

I know that everyone is already praying for Cursillo. I believe that everyone who hears this message knows the grace and love that comes from a Cursillo weekend and this is why we are still, after many years, still praying for that holy time to be experienced by others.

However, we must do more. We must show that the Cursillo method of piety, study and action is alive in our hearts and that it is the way for us to live our Fourth Day, not just for us but for others to live this way as well. God will hear us and answer us accordingly, through His ministry of Cursillo.

I thank you sincerely and assuredly I will keep you apprised of the outcome.

De Colores! Mary

Saturday, June 16, 2018


Mary Weis, at today's School of Leaders, recommended an article in Columbia Magazine (The Magazine of the Knights of Columbus) on " THE RUGGED PILGRIMAGE ROUTE TO COMPOSTELA LEADS KNIGHTS ON A PATH OF FAITH AND CHARITY." Mary felt there were parallels to the Cursillo experience. The article can be found at this link. Let us know what you think about the article - send a note to with your thoughts. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


School of Leader this past Saturday was dedicated to "Mother's Day" and of course, our Blessed Mother.  We were privileged to have a Doctrinal talk by our own Father Ed Blanchett which encompassed Both Catholic Doctrinal teaching and human love and longing in a way which could only be woven by a speaker with a deep devotion to the Blessed Mother and a supernatural understanding of her humanity and that of her Divine Son.

Father Ed made us realize how very much God loves us by giving us HIS very own mother.  It was also evident how fortunate we are to have such a spiritual priest guiding us along our camino. Thank you Father Ed From a grateful community.

You can read Father Ed's talk in the posting just under this one.

We also had a bit of theater, Some of the ladies dressed up as mothers from the bible. They did a wonderful job speaking in the first person without telling us who they were. Who am I??

Thank you ladies for stepping up and out of your comfort zone. Mary Vitale, Terri DeAndrea, Diane Kerrigan, Mary Weis stepping in for Janice Petruzzi who was not able to participate due to an illness. Prayers for her quick recovery. 

Next SOL will be in honor of Father's Day. Hope to see everyone there.

God Bless