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How can I be with you, Jesus, now that your pain and suffering are over?  I was  able to be with you in the Garden and on your way to Calvary and then stand with your  Mother at the foot of your cross.  But how can I be with you in your tomb?   As I contemplate this, I hear Jesus say to me,  “Clara, (use your name) You can be  with me in my tomb.  Just walk in and allow me to do the rest!” With trust, I timidly enter the tomb and I huddle in a dark corner. I am not afraid!   I can see Jesus lying on the slab.  His linens are removed!  In spite of his torn body, he  seems to be restful and I don’t understand that.   Amazed, I see his earthly father, St. Joseph hovering over Jesus.   He is gently  wiping his bloodstained face.  And I also see Michael, the archangel, along with Angel  Gabriel!  They, along with Joseph, are bathing his wounds with such tenderness.   Then I see Jesus slowly opening his eyes.  His eyes meet Joseph’s tear-filled  eyes.  I hear a weak wh

I DISCOVERED by Joe Vella, Sr.

(Editor's Note: Written by Joe on his 97th Birthday. God Bless You, Joe!) I DISCOVERED that... the best lessons learned were from a senior person. when you're in love, it glows. it is proper to tell the Lord: 'You've made my day!' when an infant wrap his/her arms around your neck....your  a captive. being gentle and friendly migrates to others. I pray first not second. sometimes all a person needs is faith in the Lord and be willing. my father never gave me a slap I didn't deserve.   life is just a bowl of cherries, just don't choke on the pits. money isn't everything, but is mighty convenient. it's those small daily activities that make the big enchilada. under everyone's hard shell is a pussy cat. a fact is a fact ...period. when you seek revenge, remember:  “Forgive us as we forgive those who trespass against us." love, not time heals better than anti-bionics. the sure way for me to elevate my self was to surround myself