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On today's feast of Timothy and Titus, we can make a connection from these followers of St. Paul to us today. Today's meditation at The Word Among Us  helps us to  make the connection. It reads:  " Our world places a high value on self-reliance. But not even the great saints of the past operated alone. Either they were part of a faith com­munity or they were accountable to someone who could help them on their spiritual journey. As Timothy needed the support of Paul, we need the support of our brothers and sis­ters in Christ. We also need to give out that support as well. None of us will get to heaven by ourselves!" We are blessed to be part of the Cursillo Community. Let us all together walk in the footsteps of Paul, Timothy and Titus.


Beloved Cursillistas,  "The Master taught the crowd"....we read these words so many times in Sacred Scripture.  Last night at school of leaders, Jesus taught us in many ways.  To be joyful, as we sang the color song, to work as a team as we brainstormed together in group, but most of all, the lesson that we go to school to learn of HIS Life in us and how to bring that Life out into the world.  Ronnie will gift us with a synopsis on our study but for now our community wishes to thank Tony and Pat Martucci for bringing us a joyful and prayerful atmosphere and Ronnie, our Director for her enthusiasm, commitment, hard work and boundless energy which re-energized the crowd that sat at HIS feet last night.  God bless you all. Forever Decolores!  Mary Ann xo

JANUARY SCHOOL OF LEADERS IS COMING by Ronnie Martella, Assistant Lay Director

New Year, new beginnings, new ideas, new resolve, new awareness, new plans, new insights, new, new, new!           ****Welcome to 2012**** During the Christmas season we have a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the reality of that little baby born in Bethlehem and the wonder of His love in our lives. Throughout 2012, the Cursillistas of the Diocese of Trenton will reflect on how and when we find God in our lives.  We do this often, individually, in group and Ultreya.  We share our journey with each other each time we are together in so many ways.  But how often do we think about the vision or the mission of Trenton Cursillo?  Are we all aware of our Pastoral Plan which outlines the mission statement and vision for the movement and the purpose, objective and recommendation for each of the Secretariat sections? The Pastoral Plan for Trenton Cursillo has not been reviewed and/or revised since 2006 so we are due!  Everyone is needed in this endeavor.  Please bring your ideas, you

REJOICE! HOPE! By Sister Clara Schroeder, CSJP

REJOICE! HOPE!  On continued ponderings of the Christmas message, these two words come to kind.         Why REJOICE?  How can we not rejoice when we realize what a loving and caring God we have!  Our almighty and omnipotent God loves us so much that He condescended to send His only Son, Jesus, to be one of us, mortal and imperfect as we are. In Philippians, Chapter 2, we read……”Though he was in the form of God, did not regard equality with God something to be grasped. Rather, he emptied himself…..coming in human likeness; and found human in appearance, he humbled himself, becoming obedient to death, even death on a cross.”  When I gaze on the Christ Child in the stable, I am so touched by the humbleness and poverty I see there.  Oh, yes, Jesus, you did humble yourself.  In the poverty of your birth, you showed your love for the poor.  With all the sadness and strife in our world today, how can the image of a baby not soften our hearts and give us cause to rejoice in a future for a b


Beloved Cursillistas, In this new year of 2012 we would like to invite any and all cursillistas to give us a "keynote" for the New Year.  God has given our community so many gifts and graces to use for the good of all.  Today, I look to Our Lady, our life, our sweetness and our hope for the future and the journey.  Looking forward to reading what The Holy Spirit has put on all of your hearts.  Happy New Year! Forever DeColores, Mary Ann

A HOLY NEW YEAR by Deacon Tony Martucci

Christmas trees are placed by the street for trash, or packed away until next year. Homes once brightly decorated in lights are dark. Gifts have been exchanged; some of the new toys are broken. There are no more Christmas carols on the radio, or in the stores. The high-spirited feelings of joy and peace are fading away. Many of the people who crowded our Church last week are missing today. Christmas is gone for another year. As Peggy Lee once sang: “Is that all there is?” Is that all? We all have dreams and desires, wants and wishes, but there is nothing in this world that can satisfy us for very long. We get a new bike, the latest PS3, a new car or new house and before very long it becomes just another thing that we own. St. Augustine once said, "Thou hast created us for Thyself, and our heart is not quiet until it rests in Thee." That is God’s plan for us from all eternity. St. John tells us in his letter, “God is Love.” Love must be shared in order to be Love and God