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OUR BROTHER, AL CONDE May 29, 1939 - September 11, 2001 One of The Heroes of September 11, 2001 We Miss You, Al From the ASBURY PARK PRESS ABOUT ALBERT CONDE AGE: 62 HOMETOWN: Marlboro FAMILY: Diane, wife of 31 years, of Marlboro; sons Brian, 33, John, 33, and Matthew, 32, all of Jackson; and daughter Stephanie Tedeschi, 31, of Marlboro EMPLOYMENT: Insurance underwriter for AIG Memories of Albert Conde still linger everywhere, said his widow, Diane Conde. She sees a little bit of her late husband in their son Brian, who, like his father, keeps a carefully written record of his gasoline mileage. She is reminded of the family patriarch when any of their four grown children tells a goofy joke. "My husband was known for his corny jokes, and once in a while the kids will come up with something silly," Conde said. "It's the little things. Every so often something will make us all say, 'Gee, that's what daddy would have said,' or 'That