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"Evangelization is the mission of the church. And that means it is our mission. How comforting to know that this mission is not meant to be a burden! How encouraging to know that we have the Holy Spirit with us. How energizing to know that he will never fail to give us everything we need to accomplish the task—even the boldness to step out and try!  So what are you waiting for? So what are you waiting for? Not only do you have the best news in the world to share, you have the Holy Spirit to help you share it!"  Please visit the the  Word Among Us  web site for more thoughful reflections.


This Friday, April 20th is School of Leaders.  We will begin at 8pm and finish the review and update of the Pastoral Plan.  To see the updates/changes made to date you can go to the the link in the upper right hand corner, under the We Remember and Gennesaret tabs.  The changes are marked with the dates they were made. At Mass, last Friday evening, Hilare Reinold gave a wonderful witness about things communal and community.  She spoke about hearing at a communal penance service that we gather together because we know God loves us and wants the best for us. The times that we come together, whether it is a Cursillo weekend, Gennesaret, Ultreya, or small group, we get a glimpse of the world as it can be with everyone serving each other, using the gifts we have been given for the good of all.  Let us continue to work together toward that common goal of building the kingdom of God here-right where we are.  Our work on the Pastoral Plan is one part of that journey--come and join us and


THE STORY OF JERUSALEM: A CITY OF JOY AND OF SORROW Dr. Christopher Bellitto, PhD. , of Kean University on Friday, April 27, 2012 at 7:30 PM at St. Robert Bellarmine Parish Hall, 61 Georgia Road,  Freehold, NJ, 07728 St. Robert Bellarmine Adult Education Ministry presents Dr.Christopher Bellitto, PhD., of History at Kean University. Join us for an evening of discovery as we uncover the The story of Jerusalem: a City of Joy and of Sorrow. From the earliest mention in the Bible to the present day headlines, the city of Jerusalem has played a vital role in world history. The rise and fall, twist and turns for nearly 3000 years of the city that sits at the intersection of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Dr. Bellitto takes us on the journey of the story of Jerusalem: a City of Joy and of Sorrow. Light refreshments will be served


Beloved Cursillistas, As our Lord draws us near this Holy Week, our Cursillista community can easily see our journey mirrored in HIS Passion.  The physical and mental pain, abandonment, doubt, sorrow and finally surrender to the Will of the Father.  As we look for answers in this changing world, let us walk our camino with HIM as HE walks with us.  The Carmelites had sent something this week which helped David and me and I pass it on to all our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Let us remember:      There is no place beyond HIS strength....      no boundaries to HIS love....      no limit to HIS mercies...      no need beyond HIS care. Our love and HIS peace for a blessed, joyful and Happy Easter! Mary Ann xo