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Sunday’s readings resonate the theme of loving God and our neighbor. To accomplish both we must  open our hearts. As cursillistas we are called to bring God’s love to others through the Cursillo Method  and that, often, is not easy. It takes time and understanding, patience and cooperation, work and  money. I am appealing to my fellow cursillistas to show your love to the team and candidates of the upcoming  weekend for men that is scheduled for December 7-10 at San Alfonso Retreat House, Long Branch. We  have been blessed with candidates (currently 8-10) but our team is small, only 4-5 men, not including  our Father Ed Blanchett and Deacon John Clymore. The team will be tasked to do double duty with talks,  facilitating, and accomplishing all that the weekend entails. With only a few men to accommodate the candidates it is impossible for any of the team to pray in the  chapel for the speakers as they give their talks. We need cursillistas (both men and women) to come  forward an


It was in the year 1988 that dear friends of me and my husband began talking to us about living a Cursillo weekend.  Needless to say, I was not impressed; but, my husband was hooked.  We began hearing words that I never heard before: Cursillo, Ultreya, Rector, Lay Director.  I was thinking is this some kind of a religious cult!? As husband and wife we did many things together, went on retreats, workshops, Marriage Encounter, Pre-Cana with these same friends for many years.  Being shy and timid, I found it hard to mingle with a group of strangers without my husband by my side.  Well, to make a long story short, being an obedient wife, I finally consented to go on the all women's weekend: Trenton #66, in Bordentown in 1988.  Guess what?  Who was the one who got involved and stayed involved for over 29 years? In the past I have been privileged to serve on teams for four Cursillos in Christianity with these titles:  "Birds of the Air", "Change of Hearts", &


To all cursillistas who may read this: I was struck by the tripod I witnessed at the Columbus Day Parade this afternoon.  While so many are trying to tear down our statues and destroy any good which they represent not just of Columbus but so many other heroes who while they may not have been perfect men, are honored for various honorable things they did or traits they possessed. I was amazed at how on this Columbus day I witnessed our tripod of piety study and action at this year's parade: PIETY - The parade started with a prayer service at St. Patrick's Cathedral (something I never realized) STUDY - Thousands of copies of the Constitution of the United States were handed out at the parade.  STUDY what it really says and does NOT say ACTION - all of the various charitable works of amazing people both Italians and non-Italians alike who give back to this country out of love and gratitude for what they and their ancestors have received.  Maybe God meant the tri