Sunday’s readings resonate the theme of loving God and our neighbor. To accomplish both we must open our hearts. As cursillistas we are called to bring God’s love to others through the Cursillo Method and that, often, is not easy. It takes time and understanding, patience and cooperation, work and money.

I am appealing to my fellow cursillistas to show your love to the team and candidates of the upcoming weekend for men that is scheduled for December 7-10 at San Alfonso Retreat House, Long Branch. We have been blessed with candidates (currently 8-10) but our team is small, only 4-5 men, not including our Father Ed Blanchett and Deacon John Clymore. The team will be tasked to do double duty with talks, facilitating, and accomplishing all that the weekend entails.

With only a few men to accommodate the candidates it is impossible for any of the team to pray in the chapel for the speakers as they give their talks. We need cursillistas (both men and women) to come forward and pray for the speakers as they give their talks, all three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

You can enter through the back stairs and pray in the chapel as long as you want. Kathy Tucker will be coordinating times and schedules so that, with your help, all the talks will be covered. Kathy can be reached at 908-415-6006.

We have defrayed the cost of the weekend to those attending by covering part of the expense through your donations. For the last several weekends we have been asking each participant to pay $200 while the cost is actually $285. This difference, coupled with those with financial difficulties, has dwindled our account. We are asking every cursillista to give $30 (or whatever you can afford) to fund this weekend. I am also asking every Ultreya Leader to take up a collection at your next meeting. Please send all money to our Treasurer: JoAnne Henderson, 48 Bershire Road, Whiting NJ 08759.

Only through your love of God and neighbor can this be accomplished. I am certain that as cursillistas we will rise to the task. God bless you for all that you do and thank you so much. De Colores.