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Prayer: Benevolent Lord, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,   your pilgrim people gathered here this night ask for courage, the courage to live out in our daily lives the faith we profess with our lips.   Amen Last October I was asked to give a talk on Our Blessed Mother, In May we were blessed with two wonderful rollos on Our Lady by Fr. Ed and Ronnie Martella, both of which quoted the sacred scriptures and the many ways in which Mary is our model, our teacher, our spiritual guide and most of all and forever, our mother. It would seem that Cursillistas like to talk and to listen to talks about Mary.   Saturday Morning Sabatina is dedicated to Our Lady on every Cursillo weekend.   Non-Catholics just seem to wonder what all the fuss over Mary is about?   Let’s meditate on that question for a moment. This particular meditation is not an easy one. It involves the Supernatural reality of God and the spiritual realm beyond our reach but not beyond our knowledge.    These are themes which our