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I recently discovered that Mary Ellen Cortright, of Wagram, North Carolina, died from cancer last month, October 2013. Please remember Mary Ellen and her family in your prayers. Mary Ellen had suffered from various injuries and health issues going back to when she and her husband, Deacon Bill Cortright lived here in Matawan and later in Brick, NJ. The past year there in NC, Mary Ellen was in and out of the hospital, and St. Joseph's Rehab Center where Bill serves as chaplain, several times over the course of many months. She suffered from breast cancer, and during the time of chemo treatment afterwards, a severe infection developed in her foot and ankle, resulting in amputation. But, the cancer spread, and she died from cancer this past October. BILL AND MARY ELLEN CORTRIGHT more than anyone else are the persons God used to bring Cursillo to the English speaking people in the Diocese of Trenton. Bill and Mary Ellen and their three children, Cheryl, Bill Jr. and Bob moved from the


From the Parish family of St. Robert Bellarmine, 61 Georgia Road, Freehold, New Jersey, 07728 Third Annual "Christmas Carol Festival" Pope Francis recently said “I see clearly that the thing the church needs most today is the ability to heal wounds and to warm the hearts of the faithful; it needs nearness, proximity.”  Spending time with our church family gives us hope and lifts our spirits. One way we can come together to celebrate our common beliefs is to be a part of our third annual Christmas Carol Festival. Experience the joy of our holiday with an evening of singing favorite Christmas Carols and sharing precious memories. Do you know someone who's been away from the Church? What a wonderful way to invite them to join you in a night of caroling and storytelling. Please feel free to personally invite them to this special evening, as we prepare for the great feast of Christ’s birth. This year the Christmas Carol Festival will be held on Friday, Decembe


Below is the latest palanca list and weekend information: TO DOWNLOAD THE PALANCA LIST, CLICK HERE Women’s Weekend  - Trenton 123 Theme:  Imitate Mary, Become Like Jesus and Live for the Triune God November 21-24 Candidates/Sponsors: Bayshore Gail Sonatore / Janet Moscuzza Forked River Marilyn Stufano / Hilary/Gordon Reinold and Linda Capobianco Lakewood/Brick Soledad Fox / Mary Weis Olivia Mata / Mary Weis Ann-Marie Miragliotta / Jean Tierney Pennington Diane Negri / Kimberly Moore Tinton Falls Juliana Chemali / Pat Burke Team: Rectora: Marie Garrett (Beyond Cursillo/Total Security) Assistant Rectora: Kathy Tucker (Piety) Assistant Rectora in Training: Paddy Morris (Leaders) Father Ed Blanchett: Spiritual Advisor Sister Clara Schroeder: Spiritual Advisor Auxiliaries:  Peggy Fleming (Study) Joanne Hendersen (Christianity in Action) Jean Tierney (Action) Liturgist: Pat Burke Angel: Adelaide Sangiorgi