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I go to a Zumba class each week. One of the reasons I really enjoy it is the instructor, Carlos.  Not only is he good at what he does but he is full of genuine enthusiasm and always has a smile on his face.  I get the feeling that if he was the only person in the room-he’d still be smiling and enjoying the movement. At the start of each class he always tells us, “Don’t worry about doing the moves exactly like me (and others) are doing, just keep moving, enjoy yourself and have fun!”  And do we have fun.   There are times when most-if not all-of the class is moving in unison. It looks and feels incredible!  Even if a couple of us aren’t quite there-it doesn’t matter-we just keep moving, doing the best we can and getting the benefits of being with others who want the same thing and are working toward the same goal. That is how I’d like community to think about School of Leaders-come, enjoy, share, work with others toward a common vision and goal, have fun & share in the fellowship.  


We ask all cursillistas to join us in remembering in prayer our beloved Retired Bishop John C. Reiss, who passed away Sunday, March 4. Many cursillistas will remember Bishop Reiss'  leadership of our Diocese and his  presence at many Cursillo events. More about Bishop Reiss can be found at the Diocese of Trenton website.  Past Lay Director Gordon Reinold said of Bishop Reiss: "I remember Bishop Reiss as a kind and gentle man who had a good sense of humor. He was good to us in Cursillo. May he rest in the fullness of God's love." Eternal rest grant to him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen. 


Beloved Cursillistas, Last night at Diocesan Mass Father Ed challenged us to live the gospel message we heard as true Cursillistas.  Father expressed that although the times we live in are exasperating with all that goes against the gospel of life Jesus preached;  we must not respond out of anger or hatred in the same way that we are being attacked, but we must SPEAK THE TRUTH IN LOVE, as Jesus taught us to do.   We are being challenged as the first Cursillistas were, to bring love where there is hatred, to  bring light into the darkness.  We must truly be informed, articulate and courageous in defending our precious faith because  Now more than ever-----Christ is counting on us! Forever DeColores! Mary Ann xo

LIVING GOD'S WILL by Deacon Tony Martucci

I found this note on the mirror of my bathroom as I was washing this morning: Good morning, this is God. I will be handling all of your problems today. I will not need your help. So have a good day. Who is in charge of your life? Who has control? When we pray the Lord’s Prayer we say “Thy will be done.” Do we really mean that? In the Book of Genesis, God tells Abraham to take his son Isaac to the mountain and to offer the boy as sacrifice to God. What father or mother would be able to do such a thing? God tested Abraham’s love for Him. He asked Abraham not to put anything or anyone ahead of Him. Abraham took Isaac, but he was far from happy about the sacrifice. “God will provide the offering,” Abraham told Isaac. And He did! In the Mark’s Gospel, Jesus brings Peter, James and John to the top of a mountain where He speaks with Moses the great lawgiver of the Hebrew Testament, and with the great prophet, Elijah. Scripture scholars believe that they were talking about Christ’s coming