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We had a wonderful School of Leaders Saturday Feb 17, 2018. Father Jay Bowden gave a synopsis of his journey with the Cursillo Movement. Starting the Cursillo Movement in the Diocese of Trenton with a contingent from Buffalo NY approximately 45 years. We owe it all to Father Jay. Without his belief and total commitment to the Movement we would not have accomplished 126 Weekends since his journey began. Thank You, Father Jay. We also had Bill Grippo give his talk on his journey through Cursillo. He relies on Study to inspire him with his daily living. Nick Grippo gave a wonderful talk about Bridging the Gap between generations. How this generation gets their information through Electronic Media (i.e.: Instagram, Twitter and other social media). (NOTE: YOU CAN READ NICK'S TALK IN THE NEXT ARTICLE BELOW.) I also put up a picture gallery of all the Weekends.  Everyone really enjoyed the gallery bringing back fond memories of past and more present weekends. From the black and w


One year ago, I made my Cursillo weekend: Trenton 125!  It’s been an amazing spiritual journey as I continue to live out my fourth day.  Also within the last year, I had the privilege of working on the team for Trenton 126.  Several personal obstacles tried to get in the way of me working with the team that weekend, but the Lord cleared the way, I said yes, and Rick, Al and others supported me and helped me join the great men of Trenton 126.  What a year. Today I want to speak to you about the importance of study in our lives as Christians.  In my view, it is the foundation of the Cursillo movement.  Study can take many forms: reading; listening; and speaking.  Every person is different, and study may mean different things to different people.  The key is to develop study habits and to dedicate a set amount of time on a regular basis to studying the principles of our Catholic faith.  It does not have to be a lot of time; even a few minutes could suffice. Why is this so importa