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FOR YOUR STUDY - RAKING LEAVES by Joe Vella, Sr., Trenton 67

Editor's Note: Joe gave the "Study" talk on my weekend, Trenton 71. I will never forget that talk and Joe.  Raking Leaves Now that my wife has taken up residence with the Lord, I live with my daughter Barbara and son in law. Allan. They have a large piece of property and I have become the self appointed groundskeeper. With twenty four giant oak trees on the premises raking leaves in the Fall is a gargantuan project. You might say I'm the 'fall guy'. Raking has afforded me the opportunity to mourn, pray, and reminisce, while all the time raking leaves. I pander to a little amusement, “I'm finally 'big time now' I'm really raking it in.” Yes I pray, why not I have the occasion? While partnered with nature I am inclined to the natural, the supernatural and unexpected, But I ask a contemporary question like should I be wearing my “Life Alert”? I see the birds and for no solid reason old phrases come to mind. “Birds of a feather flock together


Offered by Loyola Press, Sunday Connection offers background and activities to better understand the upcoming Sunday's Scripture readings. It can be found at . Thanks to Matt Oleynick for sharing this link. 

FOR YOUR STUDY: ALL SAINTS AND ALL SOULS by Deacon Tony Martucci, Deacon Spiritual Advisor

In Ireland, Father Kelly addressed his congregation one Sunday: “If you want to go to heaven, stand up. Slowly, one by one people began to stand. One man remained seated. Father Kelly said, “Reilly, do you mean to sit there and tell me you don’t want to go to heaven?” “Oh, no, Father. I thought you were leaving right away.” “Everyone sit down,” continued Fr. Kelly. “Anyone who wants to go to hell stand up.” Very slowly, Reilly rose in the pew. “Reilly, now I know you’re daft,” said Father Kelly. “You mean to stand there and tell me you want to go to hell?” “Oh no, Father, but you looked so lonely standing by yerself.” …. Everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die to get there. All life is precious: whether in the womb, in illness, or at old age. It doesn’t matter to God what our contribution to society may be. All of us are created in the image of God with an immortal soul. Our destiny is to know and love God and to live a life worthy of Him. Christ came to earth to s


Upcoming Retreat: Everyone is invited to our next diocesan Mass which will be held Friday Dec 5 at San Alfonso Retreat house.  Following the Mass and fellowship our retreat will start that evening and finish on Sunday Dec 7th.  The cost of the retreat will be $150.  The retreat will include talks by Fr. Ed, Sister Simon and Deacon Tony, along with reflection and private time. More information about San Alfonso's can be found at  http://www.sanalfonsoretreats. org/ If you would like to attend, you can let your ultreya leader know or send an email to us at    National Encounter in Philadelphia 2015: The next National Encounter will be held July 23-25, 2015 at Villanova University, outside of Philadelphia.  Region 2 will be very involved in the planning and all the lay directors of the region are asking the cursillistas in their diocese to consider volunteering at the encounter, as a matter of fact  Jacquelyn DeMesme-Gray,  Region II Coordin