Dear Cursillo Community,
I hope and pray that everyone is enjoying the spring weather (although a little colder than normal).  It has been a busy start of 2017.  We ended 2016 with Trenton #124 and began 2017 with Trenton #125.  What a blessing both weekends have been. 

After two successful Cursillo weekends we are planning for another weekend in December.  The next weekend is tentatively scheduled for December 7-10, at San Alfonso Retreat House in Long Branch, New Jersey.Address: 755 Ocean Ave, Long Branch, NJ 07740.

We realize this is close to Christmas but it was the weekend that was available at San Alfonso.  We (Secretariat) have not determined whether this will be a Men’s or a Woman’s weekend; Secretariat will make that determination within in the next few months based on the number of applications for either a Men’s or Woman’s weekend.  Getting applications to Pat and Bob Burke (Pre-Cursillo) as soon as possible to help us make the best decision. 

Additionally, it is our prayer that we will be able to have another weekend in 2018 but we are still exploring that option. Once a tentative date is available, we will let everyone know when and where. 

Last year, Secretariat reached out to community to help defray the cost of the weekend.  As we noted, the cost to participate on the weekend has increased but we (Secretariat) believe it important to keep the cost of the weekend affordable for those who will make their weekend as well as team.  Last year, we set a goal of $2000 and raised over $2000; however, we believe we need to double that to keep the cost of two weekends at $200 per person (team and candidate).

First and foremost, please pray for potential candidates, the weekend, and the team, but also pray about whether you are able to help with defraying the cost of the weekend.  If you are called to do so, please make out your checks to "Trenton Cursillo" and write for “Cursillo Weekend”. 
  • You can mail your donations to
             Pat Martucci
             1588 Dee Road
             Forked River, NJ 08731
  • Or you can bring your donation to monthly School of Leaders or put your check in the collection during the June and September Diocesan Masses. 
Each month we will update all of you on our progress in reaching the goal of $4000.  So please give if you can, but more importantly pray for the team and candidates. 

God bless
Rick Klarmann
Lay Director, Trenton Cursillo
PS:  I want to thank everyone who have been praying for me.  Your prayers have been invaluable in guiding the surgeon but also in my healing.  The surgery on my hand went well and my hand healing quickly. The strength in my hand is coming back and some of the numbness has improved.  Nerves take a long time to heal so it will be some time before we know whether or not surgery on the neck will still be necessary.  Thank you for your prayers. Prayer works.
Your brother in Christ
Rick Klarmann


For those who were not at the recent School of Leaders, you missed a great opportunity to pay homage to our Lady. After a film about Our Lady of Fatima, we shared experiences, miracles, and answered prayers, when we witnessed to the incredible intercessions of the Blessed Mother that touched our lives in a special way. Everyone was able to write Mary a personal note of thanksgiving, petition, or love and those personal letters will be brought before the altar at our next diocesan mass at Saint Catharine's. We gave Our Lady rose petals, lit candles, and sang songs in her honor. It was a fitting tribute to the mother of our Savior.


Everyone please join us on May 20 for our next School of Leaders when we will pay tribute to our Blessed Lady and commemorate the 100th year anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima. Hope to see everyone there!! Come out to pay homage and gratitude to the mother of the Lord who has done so much for us! Details to the right.


All the dates for upcoming Cursillo Events for 2017
 can be found to the right under
"Upcoming Cursillo Events."
Hope to see you there - and bring a friend!


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