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Throughout my life, I always looked for my Mom’s wedding band on her ring finger on her left hand.   It was a simple gold wedding band. She never took it off.   The sacrament of marriage was a vital part of my Mom’s life and the ring symbolized it. During my Mom’s two year stay at a nursing home, the band possessed a greater significance for me.   For me, it was a sign of normalcy during my Mom’s mental and physical decline. Something so important to her throughout her life was still present. Despite her weight loss, the ring stayed on her finger. Wearing the ring never irritated her finger or caused her problems. My Mom no longer wore her glasses, watched TV, read books, worked with her hands, but she wore her wedding band. Fearful that the ring would fall off or bother her, I asked her a few times to take it off. Her immediate reply was always the same “no”.   With other personal items missing from her room, my concern only grew.   I quickly put it in God’s hand to hand

A WITNESS by JOANNE HENDERSON (From the March Diocesan Mass)

With Lent just around the corner, I’ve been thinking about three things: HOLDING ON LETTING GO OFFERING IT UP For me, HOLDING ON means holding onto grudges and bad memories, which puts me in a negative state of mind and has a bad effect on my relationships with others. It also means holding on to CONTROL, trying to orchestrate the events and people around me. This comes from a place of fear, I think, believing that if I am not waving the conductor’s baton, the musicians will go off in a dozen directions, and the result will be a screeching mess! I need to remember that I am not the conductor: God is.  Of course, either kind of holding on is contrary to how Jesus wants me to be, forgiving past hurts and trusting Him with the people and events in my life. The trouble is, when I am stuck in either kind of holding on, I have trouble with prayer. And prayer, and God’s grace, is essential to getting unstuck, isn’t it? LETTING GO reminds me of all the times I let go of, or temporari