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ST. JOSEPH By Sister Clara Schroeder, CSJP

  Joseph was a descendant of King David. We know this from the genealogy of Jesus found in Matthew’s Gospel, chapter 1, verse 17. Because Joseph was of the House and family of King David, he had to go Bethlehem, the city of David, with Mary, his wife, to be enrolled in the first census of that time. It was there in Bethlehem that Jesus was born. This can be found in Luke’s Gospel, chapter 2, verses 1 to 7. Joseph, a carpenter by trade, would have a role in history that would be unlike anything that anyone could have imagined. Let’s spend a few moments now with Joseph who is the patron of a happy death, a model of fatherhood and a protector of families. Joseph, when you were a boy, did you ever imagine the role in history you would play? When you fell in love with Mary, could you ever have possibly imagined her role in history? What was it like for you when you held the tiny baby, Son of God, in your arms on that first Christmas night? When you looked into the eyes of baby Je


Pay Attention, Be Amazed, Tell About It. Recently I was fortunate to take part, along with other members of Secretariat, in a Day of Spirituality.  Sister Ann Marie Rimmer, a Dominican sister who is one of the retreat directors at Stella Maris, along with two lay women, led us on a day of reflection and discovery.  Sister Ann Marie told us of retreat she attended in which the first thing she read while she was there were those 7 words with which this began.  They are from a book of poetry.  Think about it, 7 small words, packed with potential.  She reminded us of the need to bring ourselves away from the daily needs, works and distractions we encounter - in order to be open and attentive to God in our lives. One of the lay women gave us 4 glimpses of the Mary as she looked back a 4 seminal moments of her life with Jesus starting with her initial response to God’s invitation and the lay woman other took us through an experience of centering prayer during which we started, or perhaps


  A very special thanks to Pat and Jim Christenson for arranging a very enlightening and wonderful trip to the Princeton University Museum of Art. The tour of its religious art works was outstanding. Over 19 cursillistas attended. The exhibit is open to the public - details can be found at  http://artmuseum.princeton. edu/ . Pat and Jim - thank you for a wonderful day!


SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY - On  SATURDAY, JUNE 2   our own beloved Deacon Tony Martucci will be celebrating his 25th Anniversary as a Deacon with a Mass at 4 pm at St. Pius X in Forked River. Join us at this Mass for Tony and Pat.   COMMUNION BREAKFAST - Robert Lauricella writes: "Just a reminder our Pancake Breakfast is set for SUNDAY, JUNE 3 . I will be opening up at 6:00 am. The men will star cooking shortly after. The Masses are 7:30, 9:00, 10:30 am. We will be serving Eggs, Pancakes, Sausage ,Juice, Coffee, Tea, and some other goodies. We will be at St. Mary's School Cafeteria, Cherry Tree Farm Road,  Middletown NJ. The price $6 children for children, $10 for adults. Let's all join together and make this a successful fundraiser.Keep this in prayer." PLEASE COME IN, THE STADIUM IS OPEN - All are invited to the Trenton Thunder baseball game at the Waterfront Park on FRIDAY, JUNE 8 . They are playing the Binghamton Mets. Tickets are $8 each. Please email Matt Oleyni

A Message from Our Lay Director, Mary Ann Dowd

Beloved Cursillistas, Last week the words to the hymn....."we got that joy, joy, joy, joy down in our hearts" kept going through my head.  I had no idea why until we attended the Regional Encounter on the weekend.  The encounter was wonderful in all the ways we hold dear as Cursillistas.  It was an encounter with self, God and our neighbors.  But, it wasn't until the very end of the weekend, when we had some closing thoughts from our regional Spiritual Advisor, Fr. Andre Meluskey, that i realized the reason for this recurring song.  Father shared with us that in his 53 years as a Priest, his most intimate, touching and unforgetable experience was living his Cursillo in Christianity!  He reminded us that living the life of a Christian is, in his words, "a party".......he challenged us to let the world know that indeed we got that down in our hearts. Forever DeColores! Mary Ann xo