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“Everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, but the one who humbles himself will be exalted.” Luke 14:1 In society today, humility may be seen as a weakness. When we look at those people whom we may see as role models, in sports, politics, business or entertainment, we often notice that they seek attention and adulation. Often they see themselves as better than they see others. Pride is root of all evil; the chief sin that often leads us to other sins. It is the belief that all we are and all we have are the result of our own efforts alone. Mohammed Ali often boasted, “I am the greatest.” In the boxing ring, he easily dispatched most of his opponents. However, age and injuries took their toll and Parkinson’s disease robbed him of his physical and mental abilities in his later life. Carly Simon sang, “You’re So Vain” about a man who had everything- wealth, talent, and good looks- but who was shallow and had few real friends. On the other hand, humility is gratitude


Please start your palanca for the candidates for Women's Weekend 128 (12/5-12/8.) Candidate                                        Sponsor                                        Arleen Walther                                 Robert Lauricella               Angela Caputo                                 Marie Garrett          Scarlet Marie Daniels                      Rick & Lisa Klarmann        Ellen Wilezol                                    Adelaide Sangiorgi        Diane Kerrigan                                 Mary Weis          Mary Vitale                                       Mary Weis As additions are made, updates will be sent. 


Sue Wenzlick, Region 2 Coordinator writes: "On behalf of the Region 2 Service Team (English, Spanish and Vietnamese) I am sending out this email to formally announce the upcoming Region 2 Fall Encounter! Date:  Saturday, October 5, 2019 Place:  St. Philip Neri Church (near Baltimore, MD) Time:   8:15 AM with breakfast and ends at 7 PM Cost:   $30 (includes 3 meals) A 2-page flyer is attached for you to read about this upcoming event!   Contact information and the agenda are included in this flyer! We hope that you will mark your calendars for this upcoming event!  Let's fill the hall with our Cursillista friendship!"


Spread the Word about our Diocesan Mass!! I'm asking everyone to copy  the attached bilingual flyer  and share it with their parish and fellow cursillistas. Please get the word out about the Cursillo Mass on October 26 2019 at noon at the Cathedral. Invitations have been extended to both Newark and Metuchen Dioceses. This is a once in a lifetime event we as cursillistas cannot miss. You can download the  attached bilingual flyer here. Tell everyone about this mass that will be celebrated by our own Bishop David O'Connell. Make copies and hand out to your friends. Carpool. See you there! De Colores