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Opening Prayer: Almighty and eternal God, you have created all things according to Your plan from before the beginning of time. I pray You help me receive Your graces and respond to the challenges before me. May all that I do serve You and give You glory. Amen When you reminisce about your life, aren’t there a mixture of both joyful and sorrowful memories that flow through your mind? A few weeks ago I had a conversation with George Chemali. George is a Cursillista who is studying for the Deaconate. George was infected with the Corona Virus at the beginning of February. Shortly thereafter George’s wife Julianna was also infected. George is a special case since he has very bad Asthma and unfortunately the infection has really debilitated him. I speak to you tonight of George because it is amazing to see George’s take on what has happened to him. George has only gratitude for his situation. He sees his illness as a way of furthering his ministry. He believes he can minist