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Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, Yesterday, at the Region 2 Encounter, I began my report on the Diocese of Trenton in this way- I told those present that we have a women's weekend scheduled for next month and that we are still praying for candidates but we will serve whoever the Lord sends to us!  And what servants our team members are.  Their yes to the Lord is whole hearted with no room for what they want-only room to serve.  YES- we will have a women's weekend.  But there is room for more candidates! We heard a lot at the Region 2 Encounter about our "moveable square meter" that surrounds us and is our environment.  Juan Ruiz, Spanish language coordinator for National Cursillo, spoke to us about the Charism of the Movement and the moveable square meter and friendship were at the core of his talks. I used the computer to find out how big a square meter is.  According to one place it is a square with sides of 39 inches, 39 inches.  That is not much

SCHOOL of LEADERS SUMMARY by Rick Klarmann, Assistant Lay Director

You should have been there! Wow! Two powerful talks by Sister Clara Schroeder and Mary Weiss.  I can honestly say that I came to School of Leaders exhausted but left refreshed.  We started the evening off with prayer and meditation led by Pat Ivanko.  Then, after having small group reunion, we heard Sister Clara talk about Spiritual Direction. She had us with ‘spiritual direction being a journey where we walk with a director who encourages a closer walk with Christ’.  Many times over the past year or so, we have heard about our Fourth Day being a journey. Sister went on to note that a spiritual director helps the directee to recognize God in the everyday.  Routinely we are able to see His presence in the awesome, the sun peeking through the clouds, looking into the face of new born or a loved one, but we can get so busy that we miss Him in the everyday events of our lives.   Sister Clara shared with us what spiritual direction had been in the past and how it had changed.  At one


John Toman has written a thoughtful article about voting. It can be found at  http://allentownknights. org/