My Beloved Cursillistas,

What a wonderful School of Leaders we had on Saturday September 21, 2109.

Robert Lauricella our new Assistant Lay Director, did an outstanding job, bringing together the Spiritual and Technique talk. We are reminded to: MAKE A FRIEND BE A FRIEND AND BRING YOUR FRIEND TO CHRIST!!

We are reminded we are not alone on this journey! Deacon John Clymore, has reminded us to look at ourselves. What in our life is an addiction? (shopping, TV the internet, etc.) 

Are we helping the less fortunate? Are we looking to help one another? We need to Love one another as Jesus does. Jesus never intended the Christian life to be a solitary journey we are stronger when we are surrounded and supported by our brothers and sisters in our faith.


New Lay Director, Kathy Tucker.  In front of the Ambo
is Father Jay Bowden's Cursillo vest,
 given to Trenton Cursillo 
by Father Jay's family. 

DeColores! Good Evening everyone and welcome to our beautiful parish at Saint Rose of Lima.

As with all things in Cursillo we start with Prayer: 
Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of us Your faithful and kindle in us the fire of Your love. Send forth Your Spirit and we shall be created. And you shall renew the face of the earth. Amen

I believe all new Lay Directors say that we have big shoes to fill I too echo that responsibility.

When I first started working with Mary I found her to be a great coach, mentor and supportive of my ideas and a true friend. I also knew her as holy, gentle, kind and understanding and sometimes a (bit pushy). We work so well together I could not have picked a better lay director and a better person to collaborate with. Mary Weis has done such a tremendous job serving as Lay Director these past two years. It’s just been incredible. She has been a mentor to me as we would speak on the phone and hours would have passed as we bounced ideas off each other. At times she would say your not doing enough! Do more be Better! (My brain was saying REALLY! Mary) Mary has pushed me to be a better version of myself! What a pleasure it is to call Mary my friend!

During her tenure, there has been two weekends and we have expanded our horizons. We were published in The Monitor and we have been on the radio! We were able to re-unite with our Spanish Cursillo meeting with them at their Ultreya and at the June bilingual Mass. We want to continue to foster this relationship and bring our communities together to work together in future endeavors. (October 26th there will be another Bilingual Mass at St Mary’s in Trenton/Bishop David O’Connell will be celebrating Mass) Everyone is welcome!! What accomplishments and teamwork! I can only hope to continue this Cursillo ministry and to be as devoted, 
prayerful, caring and hopeful as you are!

On behalf of the Secretariat and the entire Cursillo community we are truly grateful and  thank you Mary for your service.  


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