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STANDING WITH ME by Deacon Tony Martucci

I awoke Christmas Day and went to St. Pius X to assist  the Masses at 10 AM and Noon. After cleaning up and locking the Church, I went home to see my family and prepare for Christmas dinner.  All seemed perfectly normal, until we sat down to eat. Suddenly I didn’t feel well, was nauseous and excused myself. I sat in the living room and felt a sharp burning pain in my lower abdomen. Thinking it was a kidney stone, I put up with the pain for the rest of the day. I didn’t watch the kids open their presents, and was not a very good host. Family went home; I took Aleve and went to bed. Dec. 26 the pain was muted, but came and went throughout the day. “Call the Doctor,” said Pat. I toughed it out for another day. Dec. 27, pain was intermittent, but I saw blood in my stool and called the urologist, still thinking it was a kidney stone. He saw me at 1:30 PM, determined it wasn’t a stone and sent me to the ER. I met Pat in the ER (it was her last day of work, having resigned from the

SCHOOL OF LEADERS RECAP by Ronnie Martella, Assistant Lay Director

We are gifted with so much from our loving God; life, family, friends, the chance to share our walk with the Lord with each other.  January School of Leaders was an excellent example of all of that.  We gathered for the first time in 2013, wishing each other- Happy New Year *and despite many things about which we are concerned, worried, perhaps even fearful...there is much to support our wish of happiness.  Primary among them--God in our midst--the God of whom Sister Clara spoke at December School of Leaders in her talk on the Incarnation in which she encouraged us to go deeper into that belief and understanding and urged us to a greater awareness of what God has done for us. With that in mind, and encouraged to open ourselves to the possibility that there is something we have yet to hear, learn, know, understand and/or embrace, we started 2013 with a reflection on The Beatitudes.  Sister Simon's talk, focused this School on the first four Beatitudes, took each one and show


Beloved Cursillistas, David and I wish you all a Blessed, Happy and Healthy New Year!  As this message was written on January 1, 2013,  these are the thoughts which came to mind.  At morning Mass:  To paraphrase Albert Switzer:  All that happens in World history is based on something "spiritual"...if the spiritual is strong, it creates world history, if the spiritual is weak it suffers from world history.  In another of his quotes ....we meet HIM there beside the Sea of Galilee and HE sets us to the task for our time.    The Cursillo in Christianity created world history when over 70,000 pilgrims arrived, in a State of Grace, at St. James in Spain to a greeting from the Pope and then this rag tag band of brothers resolved to "pass it on" to future the whole world!   How blessed we cursillistas are to have received this dynamic, articulate and authentic message.    Who were these men?  Scholars, scientists, saints, wouldn't it do