Beloved Cursillistas,

David and I wish you all a Blessed, Happy and Healthy New Year!  As this message was written on January 1, 2013,  these are the thoughts which came to mind.  At morning Mass:  To paraphrase Albert Switzer:  All that happens in World history is based on something "spiritual"...if the spiritual is strong, it creates world history, if the spiritual is weak it suffers from world history.  In another of his quotes ....we meet HIM there beside the Sea of Galilee and HE sets us to the task for our time. 
The Cursillo in Christianity created world history when over 70,000 pilgrims arrived, in a State of Grace, at St. James in Spain to a greeting from the Pope and then this rag tag band of brothers resolved to "pass it on" to future generations...to the whole world!   How blessed we cursillistas are to have received this dynamic, articulate and authentic message. 
Who were these men?  Scholars, scientists, saints, wouldn't it doubfound the mighty to realize that a simple youth group decided to take "Catholic Action" and dare to believe that with God all things really are possible?  They had the answer to all the ills and questions of the world.  It was the person of Jesus Christ; and they knew two important secrets.....the spiritual must be strong and NOW is the appointed time, now, the precious present...."our time", to do the Will of God. 
As we begin again our 4th day journey in the year 2013, may we remember the dream which began our movement almost 70 years ago.  A dream inspired by the Holy Spirit of God and carried out by a group of young people who truly believed that all things are possible with God.  Beloved Cursillistas then as now....Christ is counting on us.
forever DeColores!
mary ann xo