SCHOOL OF LEADERS RECAP by Ronnie Martella, Assistant Lay Director

We are gifted with so much from our loving God; life, family, friends, the chance to share our walk with the Lord with each other.  January School of Leaders was an excellent example of all of that.  We gathered for the first time in 2013, wishing each other- Happy New Year *and despite many things about which we are concerned, worried, perhaps even fearful...there is much to support our wish of happiness.  Primary among them--God in our midst--the God of whom Sister Clara spoke at December School of Leaders in her talk on the Incarnation in which she encouraged us to go deeper into that belief and understanding and urged us to a greater awareness of what God has done for us.

With that in mind, and encouraged to open ourselves to the possibility that there is something we have yet to hear, learn, know, understand and/or embrace, we started 2013 with a reflection on The Beatitudes.  Sister Simon's talk, focused this School on the first four Beatitudes, took each one and showed us how they not only built, one on the other, but how being poor in spirit is the foundation.  It is the awareness that we cannot save ourselves and that letting go of self opens the door for so much more.

Hilare Reinold's talk on being peacemakers started by quoting Pope Benedict's New Year's message, the theme of which was "Blessed are the Peacemakers"  In that message Pope Benedict said "Man is made for the peace which is God’s gift. All of this led me to draw inspiration for this Message from the words of Jesus Christ: ‘Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God’ (Mt 5:9)” (Message, 1). This beatitude “tells us that peace is both a messianic gift and the fruit of human effort...'" The fruit of human effort, what a challenge!  And Hilare took that challenge and wove it together with the tools we rely on in Cursillo...Piety, Study and Action.  Here is just one from each, of the many thoughts and ideas Hilare shared.

Piety- we need to take, make, allow for the time to be with God to allow ourselves to be molded as peacemakers.

Study- we can "pray the newspaper" by reading it and as we do think about that environment-pray for those involved, consider taking action.

Action-prayer of course and consider becoming involved in something that will bring about a change in the world, a change for peace.

So much in such a short time.  School of Leaders is such an incredible place.  In two hours there is fellowship, laughter, sharing-faith and more, prayer, singing, learning, uplifting others and being uplifted, refreshment for the body, soul and spirit.

Please join us in February when Sister Simon will complete the Beatitudes. It will be a gift to community and to yourself!


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