Sunday, January 31, 2016


Sunday, January 31 was a true gift from God - a beautiful, sunny day! Ronnie and I decided it would be a great day to go for a long walk from our home in Hightstown to the ShopRite Shopping Center in neighboring East Windsor, about a two mile walk. It was a wonderful walk, full of lots of conversation, much laughing, and listening to birds enjoying the day as much as we did.

It took us about 45 minutes to get there and Ronnie suggested we might have earned a treat and suggested we visit a nearby restaurant for a beverage and an ice cream sundae! It was there that we met Aaron (Hello, Aaron!) Aaron was our server but in the course of 30 minutes or so became a friend. In conversation, we found out that he was studying in college, working part-time, but most importantly, ministering to others. He had made a Karios weekend while in high school and was living his fourth day in his environment. We asked Aaron if he was familiar with Cursillo and he said no. We spoke about the many parallels between Karios and Cursillo and how they both helped us to become closer to Christ. We left Aaron with an invitation to learn more about Cursillo and to share with his friends about its existence.

Meeting Aaron was a true joy. How fortunate we are that God places people like Aaron in our lives.

Sunday, January 17, 2016


School of Leaders Update by Mary Weis, Assistant Lay Director:

The new year of School of Leaders started with a new outlook: live in the moment. That is where Christ is and that is where He wants us to be. We also discussed what new beginnings we were looking forward to in our spiritual lives this new year and what we need to do to get started. Our movement is planning a women's weekend this year but only with your help. Our lay talk on Sponsorship showed us the way to be a friend and bring that friend to Christ.

We challenged ourselves to a personal "wish list" of potential candidates that we would like to see make a weekend. We are all Counting on Christ for that.

De Colores!