De Colores,

I apologize for the late cancellation of School of Leaders, but the weather forecast didn't have snow in it on Friday afternoon when I was asked whether or not we should cancel School of Leaders.  I really was hoping to have the opportunity to meet as a community once more before Christmas.  
Secretariat has some potentially exciting news to share with you.  On the heels of an awesome women's weekend, we have an opportunity to have a men's weekend February 23-26.  The weekend is not confirmed but Secretariat is discerning whether to proceed with planning and preparation for a men's weekend.   There isn't much time, so we need community's help to discern if there are enough candidates--men whom you [the sponsors] have been praying for and who would like to experience Cursillo.   

If you have candidates who are interested in experiencing Cursillo but have not filled out an application, please have them fill out an application and send it to the Pre-Cursillo section heads [Pat & Bob Burke 1 Oakhurst Drive, Middletown, NJ 07748]. 

If you believe an application has been filled out in the past, please contact Pat & Bob Burke at 732-492-6122 to confirm that we have all of the correct information

The cost of the weekend is $295, which Trenton Cursillo will defray $95 of the cost of the weekend.  However, a candidate's ability to pay the cost of the weekend should not prevent them from making their weekend.  Therefore as the sponsor, if your candidate is unable to pay the cost of the weekend, please advise the Pre-Cursillo section heads (Pat or Bob Burke).

We believe that the Holy Spirit is opening up this door for us, but we need to know that there will be enough candidates before committing to San Alfonso and preparing a team for the weekend.  A decision will be made by our next Secretariat meeting on January 7th, so we need to know about candidates as soon as possible.

Please keep the Cursillo Movement in Trenton and throughout the world in your prayers. On behalf of Secretariat, we wish everyone a safe and very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.


Please read the wonderful article about Trenton Cursillo from the December 17th issue of The Monitor. 

The article is called "Cursillo prayerfully brings community closer to Christ." The article tells the Cursillo story by focusing on one of Trenton 124's candidates, Veronica Jeffrey.

The article shares that "Cursillo shines a light on the fact that 'we are not alone.' We have communion with the Catholic Church and everything centers on the Eucharist and witnessing to faith."

Let's all read it and show The Monitor how grateful we are for sharing the Cursillo story. The article is at this link. 

Please also share the article with family and friends to help them know more about the Cursillo movement.


The new Cursillistas of Trenton 124 were treated with community welcoming them as well as inspirational witnesses by Al and Ronnie Martella.  Both Al and Ronnie have been involved with Cursillo for 25 years; serving in every capacity from Lay Director, to section heads, and Ultreya leaders.  

They witnessed to the impact Cursillo has had on their lives but one thing that struck me was the number of years that their sponsors prayed that for them--they prayed for two years.  Before their sponsors asked them to make a Cursillo weekend they prayed for a year and when Al and Ronnie declined, their sponsors prayed another year.  Al and Ronnie then said, "Yes!" Their sponsors provided us with an excellent example of being a friend and bringing that friend to Christ in prayer. 

Hope to see you at the Diocesan Mass on Friday, December 9th at 8pm and at School of Leaders on December 17th at Epiphany after the 9am Mass.

De Colores, Rick


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