The new Cursillistas of Trenton 124 were treated with community welcoming them as well as inspirational witnesses by Al and Ronnie Martella.  Both Al and Ronnie have been involved with Cursillo for 25 years; serving in every capacity from Lay Director, to section heads, and Ultreya leaders.  

They witnessed to the impact Cursillo has had on their lives but one thing that struck me was the number of years that their sponsors prayed that for them--they prayed for two years.  Before their sponsors asked them to make a Cursillo weekend they prayed for a year and when Al and Ronnie declined, their sponsors prayed another year.  Al and Ronnie then said, "Yes!" Their sponsors provided us with an excellent example of being a friend and bringing that friend to Christ in prayer. 

Hope to see you at the Diocesan Mass on Friday, December 9th at 8pm and at School of Leaders on December 17th at Epiphany after the 9am Mass.

De Colores, Rick