My Beloved Cursillistas,

What a wonderful School of Leaders we had on Saturday September 21, 2109.

Robert Lauricella our new Assistant Lay Director, did an outstanding job, bringing together the Spiritual and Technique talk. We are reminded to: MAKE A FRIEND BE A FRIEND AND BRING YOUR FRIEND TO CHRIST!!

We are reminded we are not alone on this journey! Deacon John Clymore, has reminded us to look at ourselves. What in our life is an addiction? (shopping, TV the internet, etc.) 

Are we helping the less fortunate? Are we looking to help one another? We need to Love one another as Jesus does. Jesus never intended the Christian life to be a solitary journey we are stronger when we are surrounded and supported by our brothers and sisters in our faith.

Where the world tells us to be independent and self-reliant, Jesus tells us to lean on each other and to let others lean on us. Jesus sent his disciples to preach two by two. He knew they needed to balance each other out, with one helping the other in moments of
weakness or tiredness.

What about you? Are you still doing childish things? We need Love! God is Love! May we all be open to such a generous a gift.

Rick Klarmann re-enforced this sentiment that with out each other where are we going?

Are you a true friend? Are you a servant of God!? Do you pass the person in the street that is down on their luck asking for money or a handout?

Make a Friend, be a Friend, and bring a Friend to Christ.

Come to School of Leaders for your spiritual fulfillment, you will not be disappointed! 

In that same spirit, a call is a just a ride away. We will be having a Women’s Weekend #128 December 5-8, 2019 at San Alfonso’s
in Long Branch NJ.

That means we will have had 2.7 weekends a year in for 47 years!!
As cursillistas we are called to bring God’s love to others through the Cursillo Method and that, often, is not easy. It takes time and understanding, patience and cooperation, work and money.
Sometimes we don’t realize (Or think how do we pay for these things?) that to help run a movement or organization we need funds.

Our collections at Diocesan Masses have been limited, due to going to quarterly masses.

Our funds go to paying National and Regional dues. We also give the parish of Epiphany a yearly donation and pay for refreshments at the School of Leaders.

We have defrayed the cost of the weekends for those attending by covering part of the expense through your donations. 

For the last several weekends we have been asking each participant to pay $225 while the cost is actually $285. This difference, coupled with those with financial difficulties, We are asking every cursillista to give $30 or anything that is within your means to help fund this weekend.


I will also be asking every Ultreya Leader to take up collections during their bi-weekly or monthly meetings.

Please send all donations to our Treasurer:
JoAnne Henderson, 48 Berkshire Road, Whiting NJ 08759.

I am appealing to my fellow cursillistas to show your love to the team and candidates for the upcoming Women’s Weekend!

Only through your love of God and neighbor can this be accomplished. I am certain as we have in the past, that as cursillistas we will rise to the task.

Thank you so much! God bless you all for all that you do!
Remember God Loves us all!

DeColores, Kathy Tucker


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