Please welcome and continue to pray
for the newest cursillistas from Trenton 126:

Dean Boturla
Philip Limeri
Juan Mantilla
Edwin Petruzzi
Brian Regan
Jeffrey Schutsky

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Below is the latest palanca list and weekend information:

Women’s Weekend  - Trenton 123
Theme:  Imitate Mary, Become Like Jesus and Live for the Triune God
November 21-24


Gail Sonatore / Janet Moscuzza

Forked River
Marilyn Stufano / Hilary/Gordon Reinold and Linda Capobianco

Soledad Fox / Mary Weis
Olivia Mata / Mary Weis
Ann-Marie Miragliotta / Jean Tierney

Diane Negri / Kimberly Moore

Tinton Falls
Juliana Chemali / Pat Burke


Rectora: Marie Garrett (Beyond Cursillo/Total Security)
Assistant Rectora: Kathy Tucker (Piety)
Assistant Rectora in Training: Paddy Morris (Leaders)
Father Ed Blanchett: Spiritual Advisor
Sister Clara Schroeder: Spiritual Advisor

Peggy Fleming (Study)
Joanne Hendersen (Christianity in Action)
Jean Tierney (Action)

Liturgist: Pat Burke
Angel: Adelaide Sangiorgi  (Study of the Environments)
Prayer: Terri D’Andrea (Laity)
Palanca: Bonnie Carcionne (Ideals)

Weekend Information:

Opening - to welcome our candidates.  Thursday November 21 @ 7:30PM @ Stella Maris
Note: All Palanca must be brought to Stella Maris on Thursday night.

Saturday Holy Hours: Check with your ulteya for local plans

Closura -  to greet the new Babe Chicks!  Sunday November 24 @ 3PM @ Stella Maris
Note - a Closura is the closing of a weekend without a Mass.  Please attend Mass at your parish.