Please welcome and continue to pray
for the newest cursillistas from Trenton 126:

Dean Boturla
Philip Limeri
Juan Mantilla
Edwin Petruzzi
Brian Regan
Jeffrey Schutsky

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Beloved Cursillistas, 

"The Master taught the crowd"....we read these words so many times in Sacred Scripture.  Last night at school of leaders, Jesus taught us in many ways.  To be joyful, as we sang the color song, to work as a team as we brainstormed together in group, but most of all, the lesson that we go to school to learn of HIS Life in us and how to bring that Life out into the world.  Ronnie will gift us with a synopsis on our study but for now our community wishes to thank Tony and Pat Martucci for bringing us a joyful and prayerful atmosphere and Ronnie, our Director for her enthusiasm, commitment, hard work and boundless energy which re-energized the crowd that sat at HIS feet last night.  God bless you all.

Forever Decolores! Mary Ann xo