I go to a Zumba class each week. One of the reasons I really enjoy it is the instructor, Carlos.  Not only is he good at what he does but he is full of genuine enthusiasm and always has a smile on his face.  I get the feeling that if he was the only person in the room-he’d still be smiling and enjoying the movement. At the start of each class he always tells us, “Don’t worry about doing the moves exactly like me (and others) are doing, just keep moving, enjoy yourself and have fun!”  And do we have fun.   There are times when most-if not all-of the class is moving in unison. It looks and feels incredible!  Even if a couple of us aren’t quite there-it doesn’t matter-we just keep moving, doing the best we can and getting the benefits of being with others who want the same thing and are working toward the same goal.
That is how I’d like community to think about School of Leaders-come, enjoy, share, work with others toward a common vision and goal, have fun & share in the fellowship.  Don’t worry about “getting all the moves” right away, there is nothing you need to know to join your fellow Cursillistas, bring your gifts and enthusiasm—add your moves & voice as it were to the music of the movement. 
The revision of the Pastoral Plan continues March 16th  at 8:30.  The recommendations will be reviewed and then the process of discerning what to keep and what to change will begin.  We will continue that work with the SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time bound) guidelines as well to determine how each recommendation responds to a goal or objective and how it fits in the context of the work of that section. Part of the work will include a determination of when a recommendation would happen i.e. if a section recommends a workshop -when will that happen and as important-who will carry out the recommendation. 
A REMINDER-as part of our Lenten observance, there will be no snacks.  Liquid refreshment will be available but please do not bring anything on Friday evening.  Thanks.
DeColores and Buen Camino,


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