The cover of the Oct 11, 2012 issue of the Monitor shows Pope Benedict and the Synod of Bishops with the words “New Evangelization”.  As Cursillistas we are very familiar with the word evangelization, but part of what the Pope is calling for in the New Evangelization and the Year of Faith is for us to take a second look, perhaps a deeper look at these two parts of our journey with the Lord and our life.

As the Pope said at the Synod, “Our role in the new evangelization is to cooperate with God.  We can only let people know what God has done.”.

We hope you can join us at School of Leaders on Friday Oct 19th, 8pm, at Epiphany Parish Hall (the little white church on the corner) to hear more about “The New Evengelization”.



Beloved Cursillistas,

Last Saturday night we gathered to celebrate the 40 years our beautiful "Little Course" has been alive and well in the Diocese of Trenton and also the faithful priest, Fr. Jay Bowden, on his 50 years of priestly service to Our Lord/40 of which we were blessed he shared with Cursillo and the cause to: "make a friend, be a friend and bring that friend to Christ." His love of Cursillo and his leadership, holiness, and commitment to Ultreya and group reunion will live on in all of us who he has touched.

We gathered with old friends and new and once again witnessed the multiplication of the loaves and fishes, as each cursillista brought their gift of food and good cheer. We talked of old times, new times and the future of our movement and hopes for our continued journey. One of my favorite quotes from our movement is "we do not seek to build a zoo but to baptize the jungle". Indeed, the Holy Spirit has has led us, in Trenton, forward on our journey these 40 years as God led the Israelite through the desert. If we have anything to learn from the journey of the chosen people it is that things went much for better for them when they put their trust in God.

So let us begin again to journey with Jesus as our Pilot, trusting in HIM to lead us all the way home. Thank you all for a wonderful celebration, with special thanks to Carol and her team who put it all together.

forever DeColores!
mary ann xo


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