“Lord hasten to fill the emptiness within me this CHRISTMAS. Christ, light of the world, sparkle within me, dance within me, speak Within me, command within me. Christ, light of the world, take me, mold me, hold me, for I love you, Lord Jesus, Amen”

1st Reading:  Of all the titles by which we address Mary, the most profound and meaningful is “Mother of God”.  This is a daring, startling title.  God, the creator of the whole universe, has a Mother? The title “Mother of God” does not imply that Mary herself if divine.  It does mean that she is most worthy of our love, our gratitude and our confidence in her intercession.  As we pass through this Advent it is comforting to know that she will accompany us with her prayers and her motherly love.

Song:  SING OF MARY, by Gretchen Harris

2nd Reading:   In these days of Advent we often remember those who are spending this Christmas at Jesus’ table.  If someone close to us has passed this past year we might think this, “This is the first Christmas without them.”

But even if they died long ago, we remember them in a special way at Christmas.

We sometimes remember our childhood, Christmas Eve and Christmas morning as a youngster with our family.

We might think of Mary and Jesus together on the great Jewish feast after Joseph had died.  They remembered how they used to celebrate those wonderful days with him.  On those days Mary missed her husband, whom she loved. 

Whomever you miss at Christmas… talk to Mary. She understands.

Song: AFTER DECEMBER, by Gretchen Harris

Let’s take a walk with Mary

Song:  MARY, DID YOU KNOW by Kelley Mooney

“What do you want to say to Jesus”

Song:  HALLELUJAH BY Kelley Mooney

I always look for the special gift from Jesus every year sometimes it comes early during Advent last year it came on Little Christmas.

This year I got a call from a MOM whose child I had in Rehab.  Suzie after her father died she had a series of seizes. They told her Mom she would not make it start planning her funeral.  I’ve been praying for a miracle for her.  Well I was having a real rotten day and then her call came and she shared Suzie is eating and talking and walking.  My Christmas Gift came early today.

What is the most special gift you’ve ever received?  Did you receive it on your birthday, for Christmas, or on another occasion?

Turn and share with the person sitting next to you.

I will close with a song to bring you back in.

Song:   All Good gifts by God Spell

Christ gave us Grace, Justification, righteousness, obedience and eternal life.


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