Father Jay and Johnny Di


If you have a remembrance of Father Jay or Johnny Di, please send them to us at trentoncursillo@gmail.com


Once I was in the hospital and I had asked the priests of my parish to visit for I was struggling and none of them came.  Then I called Father Jay and he came as soon as possible.  His kindness and thoughtfulness in answering my need at a hard time in my life will be a constant inspiration and signpost for me to follow in my life with others.  Thank you Father Jay, we will miss you terribly but know that you are watching us for all of us in Cursillo and whom we were privileged to call friends.

God Bless and may you be in eternal peace now and forever.  Dear Lord please keep his family as well as Roe DiStefano and John's family in that perfect peace which passes all understanding.

Lovingly in Christ Jesus,

Kathy and Don Geiger


"Finding it so difficult to say goodbye to Father Jay. We have so many wonderful memories starting back to Trenton 1 & 2. Don't know if he was ready for the three Babe Chicks from St. V's. But, he was with us every step of the way, teaching us, laughing with us and crying with us. Even though we don't get to see each other as often, we did keep in touch with dinners and lunches. Bill and I will never forget when he visited us at the lake, and fell in with his clothes and shoes on. I thought he was going to be mad, but he laughed and said I hope you got a picture of that!!!

When we last visited him, we told him of our move, and that we would be able to get together more often and he smiled and shook his head. Jay, you will be missed by so many, not only Cursillo, but all the friends and hearts you touched along the way."


Twenty years ago in leader school in St. Anthony’s Hightstown. I can’t recall what the incident was but I needed Johnny D for a Curisillo weekend. John wasn’t sure & so I spoke to Father Jay.  Father Jay replied - John will do what I ask of him. John worked the weekend. Coincidence or Godincidence that Jesus wanted these two men for some particular reason?

I pray that Eduardo Bonnin, Father Jay & Johnny Ds inter session might find favor with Jesus for the Trenton Cursillo & the world. May these Saints pray for us. 
Rest In Peace 


"I was introduced to Fr. Jay back in the late 60’s shortly after I made Cusillo in Boston. He had made Cursillo in Brooklyn, NY and was interested in helping to establish Cursillo in the Trenton Diocese. Along ,with Mary Ellen and Bill Cartwright we formed a small group to figure out how to do that. Mary Ellen and Bill had made Cusillo in Buffalo, NY and invited their friends to help us by coming to Trenton as a team for Trenton 1 and 2. I had the privilege of serving on the team of the first women’s cursillo along with Fr. Jay and on many other weekends after that in the 70’s and 80’s. Jay was a kind, compassionate, dedicated person. Our friendship endured over the years and was strengthened when he served at Epiphany Parish, my former home! It was such a delight when Fr. Jay invited my husband, Ed Reissner, founding pastor of Epiphany, and me to the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the parish. It was typical of Jay’s thoughtfulness. In more recent years, Jay has continue to keep contact by email. In spirit I will be with his family and all of his old and new friends who gather on the 8th for a final farewell to Fr. Jay, a beautiful person and a very good priest."


"Two beloved patriarchs of our Trenton Diocese Cursillo Movement have gone home to their fifth day encounter with The Lord.  The layman and the priest, known and loved by all of us, and who will be missed beyond measure.

How fitting that Our Lord took them both so close together to remind us of the mighty vocations both of these men have had and what an unforgettable impact they have had on our lives, both as friends and spiritual leaders.

The indomitable Johnny D. always the optimist, always steadfast in his giant faith.  Whether reminding us that to know God is to know peace in a world with no God and no peace; or setting an example of unconditional love to all those around him in his many outreaches.  He loved and served both the Cursillo method and the Cursillistas.

What can we say about Father Jay.  He was a true friend and true priest!  His love of God and dedication to his vocation could fill volumes as each of us reflect on what he meant to us personally and to the Cursillo movement which he treasured, loved and served so well for so long. 

In our deep sadness at losing these treasured friends so close together, we are consoled by the sure and certain knowledge that these wonderful brothers in Christ have gone before us to the triumphant company of God's favorite human beings!  In this rarefied atmosphere where they now dwell, they will surely not forget us as we toil in HIS vineyard until that blessed reunion in heaven.

forever DeColores! David and Mary Ann xoxo"


Johnny always used to say there was "hallowed" ground between us. I (we) will miss him until we meet again on Hallowed ground.  He was a devout and strong Christian. Rest in Peace John 


"Almost 50 years witnessing the faithful. service of Father Jay to everyone in Cursillo.  He was always there for any of us in need, prayer and friendship.  Where would I be without the prayers, love and fellowship of Cursillo. He will be forever in my heart. Thank you, Father Jay." 


"Several decades ago I attended a Cursillo weekend sponsored by Frank (now deceased) and Mary Anne Radosti of Epiphany Church in Brick, NJ. Father Jay was presiding as he had done so many times before and after. During one of the emotional services one of my best friends came to mind who had recently passed away from a sudden heart attack and I began to cry uncontrollably. Father Jay saw this and at the end of the service he pushed through the crowd of men in order to put his hand on my shoulder and said to me "peace be with you." I will never forget Father Jay for this act of compassion and kindness and I'm sure there are many such stories about this wonderful man and priest." 


"Father Jay was a TRUE friend and a TRUE PRIEST to all who knew him. I will miss him very much !!!!"


"Father Jay was a caring loving priest and my boss. He was present to all people, whenever anyone needed him. He would show up to CCD to see the kids and in the evening he would spend time with those who needed his counsel. Rest in peace!"


I am so sad over both cursillestas beloved they were. Now they are together again living their fifth day.


Always a welcoming smile and hug, a word of encouragement. You will be missed in our world however your spirit lives on through Cursillo and our memories.