Beloved Cursillistas,

On the TV Show, Survivor, the ideal is to outwit, outplay, outlast the competition.  Today at our Community Day at Epiphany, the ideal was to RE-Connect, RE-Commit and RE-Consecrate to Our Lord and the Cursillo Movement.  Roe DiStefano and her team of super-cursillistas gave us all the information we need to truly understand all the workings of the Cursillo Section.  It was amazing to see this team put through their paces in such a fun and informative way and to realize how truly inspired our movement is.  Everyone in the room could feel the Power of the Holy Spirit and each leader in the room RE-Consecrated themselves to God through a beautiful prayer which can be found in your Pilgrim's guide.

The message of the day was to stand in awe before Our God and realize that each of us is given a talent and a mission for our time.  Our movement helps us to realize that potential.  As Father Jay explained in the beautiful article you will find in today's Monitor (link) Cursillo is a "deliberate act" to bring Christ into the world for the purpose of Christianizing environments.  If you are a new Cursillista, I would encourage you to get with one of the leaders who was at this joyous day and educate yourselves on what a beautiful and inspired service Cursillo section can be.  In the future we hope to have similar community days which will go deeper into the other sections on secreatariat to inform and inspire us to see HIM more clearly,  love HIM more dearly, follow HIM more nearly....day by day...thank you so much Roe and all the wonderful leaders who gave us the blessing of this day.

forever DeColores!
mary ann xo