Beloved Cursillistas, 

Friday night at Diocesan Mass Father Ed based his homily on "trust". Our witness Terry Ginther, expounded on that theme by giving us an amazing rule to live by:  Asking God to take away our fear and then complete surrender to HIS Will.  We all face many challenges in our 4th day but Jesus of Mercy tells us worry is useless...it is our faith that HE desires.  Thank you Father Ed and Terry for reminding us that in these challenging times, Jesus sits on The Throne, yesterday, today and tomorrow. May our Jesus of Mercy take us to a place of enlightenment and Peace as we journey together.

Rosa Parks is quoted as say:  "Memories of our lives, our works and our deeds will live on in others".  May this 9/11 in the year 2012 reflect in us the lives, works and deeds of all those we loved and lost; particularly as we remember our dear Cursillista brother, Al Conde.

Rest in Peace, Al, and pray for our movement, our country and our world.

forever Decolores!
mary ann xo