THE CAMINO by Rick Klarmann, Assistant Lay Director

Do you wonder why a person would want to walk the El Camino?  Is it for some personal reason, or a higher purpose?  In the movie, The Way, one of the main characters said the he was walking the Camino because he wanted to lose weight, to be slimmer for his brother’s wedding; another was looking for a story and another looking for forgiveness.   The main character, Tom was walking the Camino for his son who was killed in the mountains on his first day of his Camino.  What happens when you are done?  But the reason and the outcome are not as important as the journey. 

Whether you walk one of the shorter routes to Santiago de Compostela or the longer path the Camino is not the end but a means to an end. Walking the El Camino, is living and so is the Cursillo tripod--piety, that leads to study which leads to action.  In Piety we follow the example of Jesus to go away to a quiet place and there commune with a God who loves us more than we can imagine.  Whether in silent meditation, awe at the beauty God has provided or just chatting with the Creator of all our goal is to become more like Christ. In Study we notice the little things in life--the fragrance of the flowers, the moist air on a dewy morning, the sweat coming from our brow but also the people around us.  A head hanging lower than normal, a walk that is slower or faster than before, pain in the eyes, noticing life as it is lived around us.  Action is the living out my communion with Christ, my knowledge of His desire for me and for the world around me and courageously living it, To walk all of the El Caminos of my life toward the ultimate end – union with God. 


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