The Magi looked to the stars and found the Star that told them a new King was born. After a long, dangerous and arduous journey, they found Christ with Mary and Joseph in the house in Nazareth. They found Him because they were looking for Him.

Have you ever put on a jacket or coat, or picked up a purse that you haven’t used in long time and found a few dollars in it that you forgot that you had? Like the woman who found her lost coin, you’re ready to celebrate. When that happened to me, I thought that somehow God has given me a blessing. How amazing that we can often see God’s hand in the good things that happen to us, but when we fall on hard times we may think that God is far away! Yet even in our darkest times, God loves us and turns everything to good for those who love Him.

This year, Pat & I have been on a roller coaster since my first surgery in December 2012. Many people commented that we don’t deserve to suffer like this, as though we are too good to have something like this happen to us. My Lord Jesus was sinless and loved everyone, yet they spat on Him, beat Him, nailed Him to a cross and pierced Him with a spear for my sins. I am a sinner and yet in my illness I am carrying only a splinter of His cross. I have been healthy for most of my life. I consider my current illness a minor annoyance compared to what so many others have endured.

During my recovery, I am blessed to see the hand of God in all of it. Through the cards and letters, Masses and prayers, phone calls and visits, I have come to know the love of God; to receive His merciful consolation; to be blessed with the support and love of so many people. I see His love through you.

I am doubly blessed to have Pat as my wife. She has nursed me through this illness 24/7. I have awakened her at 2:30 AM and she responded selflessly and lovingly. I have witnessed not only her love for me as a wife, but her dedication and her training as a nurse. I am encouraged to continue to heal so that, as St. Paul says, “I can console others as I have been consoled.”


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