Last weekend Region 2 was once again a joyous celebration of our diversity and our unity in our love of God and our journey with each other.  It was a weekend of prayer, song, laughter, dance, fellowship, fun and food.  The staff at Pope John Paul II retreat house in Vineland is always so welcoming, gracious, generous and attentive. 

Father Rene Canales gave a talk on Saturday morning “Listen to my Voice”.  In speaking about the Good Shepherd and we as the “sheep”, Father was full of the Holy Spirit, joyful, engaging, funny, insightful and challenging.   Father Canales stressed the importance of responding only to the voice of the Good Shepherd and not to be distracted or led away by any of the other voices.  He reminded us that we have to live in the kingdom, not just visit there.

The sharing/reports from other diocese in Region 2 always give insights, ideas and a sense that we all have triumphs and challenges and we can rejoice with each other when things go well and lift each other up when things are a struggle.  At this regional encounter the committees that were formed for the upcoming National Encounter in July met and discussed the plans for the weekend. 

Region 2 and National Encounters are always faith filled, joyous events that give us a chance to meet people from around the region and country,  cursillistas with whom we will share and learn, pray and sing.   Because it doesn't matter if two cursillistas live in the same diocese or  are separated by the entire country (or the entire country and an ocean as with the couple we met from Hawaii!), we share of love of and faith in God and our 4th day.


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