Beloved Cursillistas,

Where are your THOUGHTS?
Where do you spend your TIME??
Where do you spend your MONEY??

These three hard-hitting, yet simple questions were posed to us in the Ideal Rollo; the very first talk on our Cursillo adventure.  Seeing everyone at the picnic this past Saturday brought to light how we had all answered God’s Call in so many unique ways and how gently but persistently God reminds us of our service sheets and the commitment we made to HIM Alone on our weekends.

Recently we had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Rick and Lisa’s son, John Klarmann and the wonderful mission The Lord has given him as a lay missionary to college students at Montclair State right here in New Jersey.  As we spoke with John the image of St. Mother Theresa of Calcutta came to mind.  No, John wasn’t going off to India as so many have, but he was serving the Lord right in his environment, in a way unique to John and the person Our Lord created him to be--working on college campuses to bring our Catholic youth to Christ.

Brothers and sisters-in-Christ, John needs our prayer support and knowing the loving and prayerful community we are, we will pray for him as he begins his two-year adventure for Christ.  Pray our Merciful and Loving God will give him the wisdom, strength, faith, hope and charity to carry out this mission in HIS Name.  John also needs our financial support.  Surely, those of us who are able to do so, will also support John financially in this most urgently needed out-reach to the future Church.  The website for the FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) is or to learn more about this wonderful mission which has the blessing of Our Holy Father and surely the Anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Eduardo Bonnin said when speaking of the Cursillo,  I realized that this was not a dream, or an exhortation of our youth, but a Charism of the Holy Spirit.  Surely our Merciful Lord will bring to completion the Good work HE began in John and in all of us!

Forever DeColores!
David and Mary Ann Dowd xo xo 


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