Our first Diocesan Ultreya for 2016 was such a blessed and enriching event.

We didn't have Sister Clara with us but she was with us in spirit as we discussed how we use our time. Yes, time is such a precious gift, sometimes more precious than money.

We need to organize and distribute our time so that we make our "treasures" everlasting treasures, that is, time spent doing God's will. We need to make "spiritual time".

Our interesting witness from Rick Klarmann about Peru was so insightful and enlightening.

Come join us next month, May 21, it is so rewarding!

Also, we will cut the big cake for Sister Clara and celebrate her 80th birthday in a very special way, Cursillo style. Please be a part of this beautiful celebration!


Yesterday at Diocesan Ultreya, several people mentioned Matthew Kelly and Dynamic Catholic. Matthew will be in Morrisville, PA on September 16, 2016. Details can be found here. There is a video so you can see Matthew in action. 

By the way, here is a short video from Matthew on "Holiness is Possible" and the fact that you can find the time to have a holy moment - a theme consistent with yesterday's Ultreya.