Trenton 126 is in dire need of your help. Because of the small number of team members, we especially need community to be our prayer partners. If you can come to St. Alfofonso's Chapel and pray for the team, we would very much appreciate it.

The Chapel is on the second floor. It is OK for there to be more than one person in the Chapel to pray for the team and candidates. Please use the back stairwell to access Chapel.  Directions will be posted. 

If you can help, please contact Maria Palumbo 908-601-6234 or Kathy Tucker 908-415-6006 or email us at 

Know Yourself - Thursday 8:30PM
The Prodigal Son - Thursday 9:30PM
Three Glances of Christ - Friday 7AM
Ideal - Friday 9:30 AM
Grace - Friday 10:30AM
Laity - Friday 1:15 PM
Faith/Divine Aid/Palanca - Friday 2:15PM
Piety - Friday 4:15 PM
The Person of Christ - Saturday 7AM
Eucharist Talk - Saturday 7:30AM
Study - Saturday 9:15 AM
Sacraments - Saturday 10:15AM
Action - Saturday 2 PM
Obstacles to Grace - Saturday 3PM
Leaders - Saturday 6:30 PM
Study of the Enviornment - Sunday 9:10 AM
Life in Grace - Sunday 10:40AM
Christianity in Action - Sunday 1 PM
Cursillista Beyond The Cursillo And Total Security - Sunday 2 PM

We also need help with:

Set-up Thursday 4-5
Check in: 7PM Thursday  
Take down Sunday 2-3

We also need Snacks and Bottled Water



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