School of Leader this past Saturday was dedicated to "Mother's Day" and of course, our Blessed Mother.  We were privileged to have a Doctrinal talk by our own Father Ed Blanchett which encompassed Both Catholic Doctrinal teaching and human love and longing in a way which could only be woven by a speaker with a deep devotion to the Blessed Mother and a supernatural understanding of her humanity and that of her Divine Son.

Father Ed made us realize how very much God loves us by giving us HIS very own mother.  It was also evident how fortunate we are to have such a spiritual priest guiding us along our camino. Thank you Father Ed From a grateful community.

You can read Father Ed's talk in the posting just under this one.

We also had a bit of theater, Some of the ladies dressed up as mothers from the bible. They did a wonderful job speaking in the first person without telling us who they were. Who am I??

Thank you ladies for stepping up and out of your comfort zone. Mary Vitale, Terri DeAndrea, Diane Kerrigan, Mary Weis stepping in for Janice Petruzzi who was not able to participate due to an illness. Prayers for her quick recovery. 

Next SOL will be in honor of Father's Day. Hope to see everyone there.

God Bless


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