This week Cursillo has lost two of the most holy men to live a weekend: Father Jay Bowden, our founder and Spiritual Advisor for over 30 years, and John DiStefano, past Lay Director and Rector.

God must be loving Cursillo because He has called to Himself two extraordinary men.

Father Jay Bowden - what can be said of an admirable man, a holy priest, kind soul, dedicating his whole life to loving God and others. He is responsible for changing our lives by bringing Cursillo to our diocese, falling in love with the fire of the Holy Spirit we all receive on the weekend. Where would we be without him? I owe him so much. When I made my weekend in 1997 at Jeremiah House in Keyport, I can still remember Father Jay kneeling on the linoleum floor, praying for the speaker, during the entire rollo: 40 minutes!. I had never seen a priest sacrifice so much. I remember just staring at him and realizing at that moment I was in the presence of a holy man, a true and dedicated priest. Following that time were so many years of love. 

Johnny DiStefano was so full of the Holy Spirit, he spread the Good News wherever he went: the Post Office (he had special religious stamps made up to stamp on envelopes), the golf course: he preached on the green as he caddied, and even in the car. He would talk about the Lord to his pickups when he chauffeured. That was only after he retired from his full time jobs! Let's add Cursillo weekends, church, School of Leaders and Secretariat. Johnny never stopped loving and praying, caring and helping everyone he met. He was always joyful and funny. He will always be missed.

Our friends have gone on to live their Fifth and final Day, their earthly pilgrimage has ended. We will never forget them. Pray for them and pray to them that we may one day reunite forever in paradise.  

My dear Cursillistas, this is what our lives are all about. We live our lives to get to the Promised Land. Father Jay and Johnny have arrived.

Also, if anyone is in need of transportation or wishes to carpool to the services, please contact me and I will make arrangements.

De Colores, Mary


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