DeColores Cursillistas,

I am currently on retreat. As I make my retreat, I have you all in my prayers.

The word "joyful" came to me. I am joyful that our Lord chose me out of his flock to be Lay Director of the Trenton Cursllio movement.

I always go back to my first weekend Trenton 116. I felt the Lord calling me back then, saying "I need you to tend to my sheep and carry my flock.”

The journey that I am on with all of you is a great spirit filled journey. I feel everyone’s prayers and support. I pray that the Holy Spirit continues to guide us along our journey. As cursillistas please be open to the spirit as you live your fourth day. As the song goes "Come follow me, my people, and I will give you rest."

Thought of the day - Let’s talk with Jesus when we have Him in our hearts after communion. Think of how much you wanted to tell him in the privacy of that moment. Listen to the voice of Jesus. Ask for a grateful heart and live all day in union with Jesus.

DeColores, Robert J. Lauricella
Lay Director, Trenton Cursillo