Over thirty-five individuals gathered on Sunday, September 18th for an afternoon of piety, study and action and to celebrate the Cursillo movement.

The afternoon included opportunities for singing, praying, sharing and playing a trivia game that reminded us of the beauties of our faith. The questions provided lots of laughter along with reflection on the questions asked. There were also great snacks!!

A highlight of the day was grouping on these two questions:

  • Our closest moment - When was I most aware of Christ’s presence and why?
  • What are the joys that have come from living a Cursillo weekend? 

How would you answer these questions?

Ronnie and Al Martella thank Robert Lauricella, Bob Morris and Secretariat for their support and encouragement for this day.

Thank you to Luis Quinto for his reflection on Cursillo, Bob Morris for his witness and Rick Klarmann for his guitar playing!

We also thank David and Alice Riggio for their hard work on publicizing the day and everyone who helped with setup, cleanup and providing yummy refreshments!

It was wonderful to see old friends reconnect and new friends in Christ made. We can’t wait to see what the Holy Spirit has planned for our next get together!

DeColores, Ronnie and Al Martella