A Christmas Message from our Lay Director, Mary Ann Dowd

Beloved Cursillistas,

When John DiStefano served as Lay Director, he always reminded us that we were children of God, sons and daughters of a King and destined for greatness.  In this Christmas Season, we remember - HE came for love.  HE lived for love.  HE died for love.

Our God loved us more than we can ever fathom.  No words can describe the Christ Child, tiny Baby shivering in a cold dark stable into which HE brought HIS Eternal Light.  In the new Leaders Manual on Page 188, we read the following: "One can only live the Postcursillo with love.  The commitment to temporal and personal relationships to which the postcursillo calls us would be an insupportable burden without love.  With love, it undoubtedly can be the most significant instrument in our lives to enable us to receive The Spirit of God day by day."

With Christ, and others in Christ in the postcursillo, we can make of life an 0n-going Ultreya.  Merry Christmas and forever DeColores!

Mary Ann xo