DECEMBER SCHOOL OF LEADERS IS COMING by Ronnie Martella, Assistant Lay Director

Blessed Advent!  This wonderful season of preparation is upon us and how blessed are we to be loved by God, loved so much that he sent his Son to be with us, to be one of us.  As you take time this Advent to reflect on your relationship with God and others, remember that on your journey there are others to encourage and help us.

One of the points from Pope Paul's encyclical that Father Jay brought out was the fact that we all need to be well and properly informed in order to instruct others.  School of Leaders is a great place to do get that instruction from the talks, from the sharing and from the literature available.  School in December is on the 16th and will be at Holy Family in Lakewood .  Father Ed will complete the study of "On Evangelization in the Modern World" and the technique talk on Ultreya will be given by Janet Moscuzza.  What a great way to enrich our Advent time as we continue to respond to Jesus challenge to go out and make disciples of all.

At School of Leaders in November, Father Jay's talk on the methods and beneficiaries of Evangelization, from Pope Paul VI's encyclical, had both the spiritual and practical.  This document is as relevant today as it ever was because, as Father Jay reminded us, evangelization means bringing the Good News to all strata.  And the primary way to do that is to be a witness of an authentic life given to God and neighbor.  What a powerful affirmation that Cursillo, through the weekend talks, group reunion and ultreya are right in step with the Church's teachings.  The beneficiaries of evangelization cover every aspect of life and type of person from the "far away", non-Christians, & non-believers to believers and small faith communities--there is no doubt, all peoples benefit from being evangelized. 

John DiStefano spoke about group reunion and the impact it has on our journey.  He asked "How do you keep going in the face of troubles, challenges and struggles?"  The answer is to share your journey with others in group reunion.  John encouraged us all to continue as group reunions or if we are not in group-to put one together because the group manifests the friendship we have in God.  In The Study of the Charism it is put this way-"The Method of Cursillo is based on this relationship of friendship to bring to life the essence and purpose of its Charism."!  No wonder John emphasized friendship.  In addition, The Study of the Charism reminds us that group reunion has four steps; invocation of the Holy Spirit to start, sharing by each members on the card, personal and collective apostolic plans and prayer to end.  For the full text, you can find the Study of the Charism on the website of World Organization of Cursillo at

Wishing you the peace and joy of the Advent season,
Ronnie Martella 


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