Pat Burke and Fran Romeo recommended this article from the October "Word Among Us" about St.Thérèse of Lisieux and the author's Cursillo experience. The author is Brenda Kindelan, Lay Director for the Cursillo Movement in Memphis, Tennessee.


Please remember the following dioceses having weekends from November 10 to 13:

Women's Cursillo Wichita, KS
Men's #148 (Spanish) - Hartford, CT
Women's #73 - Montreal, CANADA
Men's #84 - South Bend, IN
Women's #22 (Spanish) - Oregon, IL
Women's #169 (Spanish) - Uniondale, NY
Women's #34 - East Helena, MT
Women's #106 - Little Rock, AR
Women's Cursillo - Derry, N. IRELAND
Women's #74 (Spanish) - Abasolo, GTO, MEXICO
Women's #312 - Oakland,CA
Women's #8 (Spanish) - Los Cabos, BS, MEXICO
Men's Cursillo (Spanish) - Dodge City, KS
Men's Cursillo - Kingston, JAMAICA
Women's #200 - Peekskill, NY
Men's Cursillo (Spanish) - Cd. Acuña, CU, MEXICO
Men's #263 - Hammond, IN
Women's #109 (Spanish) - El Paso, TX
Women's #205 - Buffalo, NY
Women's #7 - KwaZulu-Natal, SOUTH AFRICA


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