"Prayer works...I don’t know why or how, I just know that it works.  If you believe you have never witnessed or  seen a miracle come see me, talk to me.  Last year I really thought and wished my life was over, do to so much pain, so much suffering.  So many people here at Saint Jane Frances deChantel  in Maryland were praying for me.  it was almost unbelievable.  Somehow I got through life saving surgery that probably would not have been successful except through their prayers. 

 This year I remembered my Cursillo family in New Jersey and asked for prayers for the the life threatening surgery I was facing.  Thank you.  I know we don’t thank each other for prayers but there are times when life dictates a thank you is necessary.  The surgery went well, and even though I couldn’t keep a follow up appointment with with the surgeon in Annapolis, the surgeon followed up  by coming to my house ON SUNDAY to remove the bandages and examine his work.  The surgery went well and I am doing well.  Again thank you.  We should always keep each other in prayer because we just never know what someone else may be facing and somehow, our prayers may just smooth out the bumpy road someone else may be traveling.  Don’t give up your prayers." Deacon Robert, Trenton 49.   

Note: Deacon Robert and his wife, Kathy (who passed away in 2013) are loved members of the Trenton Cursillo.  For many years, they were very involved with Trenton Cursillo until they moved to Maryland.


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